Stop the madness and use polls

I suggest funcom should create polls to test suggested changes to game mechanics. Not everyone registered to the forums actually reads and responds to every post. However, funcom is still making changes that are suggested by only a handful of players. They do not speak for me! They should not speak for you! Unless certain players have all creative control, funcom needs to test these ideas! A handful of players complaining in the forums is not enough!

Here is the steps to fix:

  1. See a suggested idea.
  2. Poll suggested idea.
  3. See results of poll
  4. Submit results to creative team lead.
  5. Discuss pros/cons on implementation of idea based on new data.
  6. Make better choices!

yep a survey or a poll on steam would be nice, giving us a way to agree or disagree with a “serious” suggestion from players acknowledged by the devs.
because as you said not even 1/4 of the players are visiting this forum.
steam for pc users of course and as i’m not a console player i don’t know about ways of making console gamers concerned as well, but i guess there must be some…
Anyway making the community participating in SOME of the new choices could be interesting i agree but also a lot of work too of course


A poll would work best in multiple locations for max participation. Forums, Steam, Xbox, PSN, etc. Can also add a link on the main login of the game. The key is to stop relying on the data from the same 10 people to change the game!

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Must be handdled carefully.

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