Needed: Forum Age of Polls

There seems to be a heated debate over AoW and the Dev response to “player feedback” that is getting out of hand. I agree that the majority of changes that came with the new age were either unwanted or unnecessary. However these changes were allegedly made based on player feedback. Yet most of what im seeing in the forums shows the exact opposite. So I suggest an alternative method of collecting player feedback by holding monthly polls here on the forum. This would allow ALL players a voice and a chance to influence the changes to gameplay. Not to mention give a visual representation of the player metrics. Here is an example of how I would handle one such poll.

Month 1 poll

How would you rate the current stamina system

  1. Fine as is.
  2. Needs to be balanced by action/weapon type.
  3. Needs to be adjusted across the board.

Thrall AI

  1. Fine as is.
  2. Thrall pathing and actions need to be adjusted.
  3. Thrall stats need adjustment.

What should the focus of the next Dev Cycle?

  1. Combat.
  2. Religion.
  3. Exploration/Map Content

This is just an example. Polls by the community team would be more detailed and professional looking I’m sure but you get the idea I’m attempting to propose… I hope.


Just as a side note in the case my idea goes unnoticed or ignored.

@AndyB I challenge you and your team to use my example poll and do better. Not much of a challenge for such talented people but I’m really curious how you guys would format it.

What’s the point? To see the forum community say everything sucks? Why not assume that and save the steps? The amount of people who made a forum account to say good job (in any game forum) is statistically zero. I didn’t even make my forum account to do that.

They should just do what they are already doing. Forum says it sucks, forum always will say it sucks, and do their own thing anyway.

You want to vote where it matters? Spend less on the game than I have. If you have purchased a single crom coin, you have infinitely supported the game more than I have and thus told Funcom that its the best game ever and the changes they make they should do forever.

If you all really want to send a message, stop playing for three months. That is if you believe in the words you all post. Which you don’t.

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Player surveys are something we’d love to do, but doing those via only the forums will result in skewed data, as @Taemien notes. If we were to do surveys like this we’d rather have some way to present them in-game or some other method where we can reach a larger general audience.


“We interrupt your regularly scheduled conquest for a short survey: Question 1, do you eat beans?”

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I am unable to reply to poll’s first 2 questions until I play it long enough. One or few days is not enough time. People always hate change so takes time to adjust to know how it truly plays now before you can really make a comment.

For future focus, I would say new Exploration/Map Content. People always like new content so this was easy to answer. Plus since this Age is focusing on Combat, hopefully it will all be resolved before the next age comes around.

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In game is the best idea

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It’s easy. 1 1 3 :rofl:

3 3 and 3 :pensive:

He’s explained why they haven’t done that in a few livestreams now. The short of it, is they don’t want people to require making accounts and verify emails just to play the game.

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An inconvenience for players, but also a real hassle for them to verify, store, and secure to the various governmental standards. All for what? The same feedback they get in reviews on retailers?

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Whenever Surveys are mentiond anywhere, I just think about Survey Vendors cowering on bust sidewalks trying to get the general populace to feedback on some amazing subject.

99% of passers-by just walk on trying not to make eye contact. The few that stop to take the time usually have a set (a) axe to grind, (b) angst to offload, (c) agenda to push, (d) spleen to vent. Occassionally there are useful, meaningful responses, but these are rare as porcelain warhammers.

With games, players usually vote with their feet. In many cases players will respond with the time honoured ‘ooh, it’s sparkly and new’ and move on. Others will stick about for longer. The key, from my very limited and jaded perspective, is for a game to keep on being added to. To keep the challenges going. To keep adding to a narrative. And all of that that retains most of a demographic - or pulls in new players. There’s always a core group of manic zealots that stick through thick and thin.

Any company, from Games through Food to Travel to Gadgets, etc know to filter out most feedback along the lines of ‘screaming’ and ‘hate’ - these are unproductive.

Unemotive logging of faults, useful feedback and suggestions, getting involved via Testlive, modding, etc are all way better indicators for a game than straw polls. You can always guage something from a poll, but they are seldom true indicators of anything.

ps I do think that Screaming and Ranting areas are beneficial though. Venting spleen is often cathartic. Throw a ‘Speaker’s Corner’ into maps. Or have mini-games where the angry can go head to head with a programmer - or just allow some players to press an angry button to summon a Crom avatar or get an ‘on hold’ tone from the gods.


Agreed. Those posts are strong indicators of displeasure, and filtering them out will be biasing the results tremendously making the whole poll useless.

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You can’t filter out these. At all.
They are indicators of dissatisfaction that don’t teach you where to go, but teach you where not to.
It doesn’t even matter the reasons when you are talking about sales, because they are seldom correctly identified. What matters here is customer’s dissatisfaction with the product. Screaming and hate indicate that in a obvious way. Any company who filters out these is bound to fail spectacularly.

Games companies collectively watch volumes of players through the various platforms, the volumes of micro-transactions (when used), the Journey and BattlePass stuff (In CEs case), and the lile. If I do not like a game I stop playing.
If I have paid for money and the game immediately core-engine fails and I cannot play at all, I follow standard processes shold I want refunds etc, but in my case, after the many thousands of hours game play, I got back my money’s worth years back so weather the Updates and subsequent Updates and Patches and Hotfixes (when applicable).
As FC continue building on the game I originally bought pre-any DLCs, etc., I am satisfied. Other players need to set their own criteria of play. But toxic feedback gets nowhere. I think of it as if in a restaurant: what will my meal be like if I scream, shout, bully and be abusive?
And now I be off to get back into the game and to contiinue enjoying all the ups and downs of the Exiled Lands! :slight_smile: #dontsweathsmallstuff

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Ok so polls just on the forum probably not a good idea then perhaps a monthly dev stream with a poll at the end or something. The point is a lot of decisions were made for AoW and from what I have been reading and experiencing in game most players are not happy with them. I for one have been the owner of an RP server on Xbox for the last 4 years. Before AoS we had a steady 200+ members on our discord and an average of 18 players in game daily. I had to close my server yesterday due to a lack of activity. Of all those who left 20% switched to PC version, the rest stopped playing the game entirely.

P.S. Closing my server was like watching my child get a lethal injection for a crime someone else committed. It was heart breaking.

This would never happen.
But, considering certain things I’ve read on this forum, it’s better this way.

“the best argument against democracy is a conversation with the average voter”

However, I strongly doubt that any poll would have produced something worse than the MASSIVE TRAINWRECK this update is.

I enjoy this update. Combat feels better with the stamina change. I started visiting camps more often because of the treasures, and already did 2 full wheels of T4 crafters. Weapon durability made me try several weapons, when before I was playing with the same weapon for months. This is my experience so far, and it’s a very positive one(probably because I didn’t build with nemedian foundations).

These changes contribute to a more lively gameplay experience. Can’t wait for the purge system revamp and PvE sieges.

People in general won’t show when they are grateful. The only thing that takes center stage here on the forums are complaints and bug reports. Doesn’t mean the update is bad. These forums are the worst place to get feedback on the game. I think discord is a better place.

Overall, i like the direction of the game at this point. I would prefer if Funcom would bring server transfers backthough.

Did you notice the new Thrall meta ?
Now the lower the faction the strongest the Thrall.

Darfari Cannibal Brutes are OP, and not just because they level faster. They deal more damage than every other thrall in the game, and gain Damage per Strength Point and more Health per Vitality Point than others.

Basically, now Cannibal Brutes have no flaw, except STARTING with low health (which they quickly recover). And, other than that, they even have RANGED multiplier higher than any other thrall in the game (including Archers).

I don’t show any gratefulness because I’m not grateful for this s*it. If they just introduced the new treasure mechanic and clan emblem (which were the points of this update) it would have been awesome.

Instead now we have NPCs that deal more damage (not much actually, but I run with epic heavy armor), new stamina system (which, I admit, has not affected me for now) and a trainwreck of thrall balance that doesn’t even make any sense.

I can live with new combat (but I strongly doubt new players will) but I cannot tolerate what they did with thralls. And I cannot cause it doesn’t make any sense.

Maybe nones says good job because the job done isnt good?