Bug reporting separate from the forum

The bug reports should be separate from the forum. I don’t know for sure how it goes, but if someone’s wrong suggestion to the bug that he has no idea about gets tagged as a solution and because of that isn’t investigated further, no wonder nothing gets fixed.

Its important here so that people can chime in with either similar experiences or suggest what might be the cause (players often have more input on the mods and can often ferret out what is mod related and what is base game). Just because the OP tags it as the solution doesnt mean that Funcom says “okay! Solved!”. They are aware that what solves an issue for one may not for all. Its also important that people see what the solution was for that person so they can try it and see if it works for them. It just requires people to search the forum for their problem (like “yellow lotus” for example) rather than create redundant threads.

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