Bug report form addition

I suggest that the following be added to the bug report form for reporting PC bugs and issues
Mods: No / Yes, if Yes please list

I think that this would assist you, Funcom, in determining if the bug report is or is not a mod-related issue. I know that Funcom is not responsible for mods but i think it might prevent you chasing bugs that are due to mod incompatibility.

Players can also inform the user if there are known issues with particular mods and the issue they are reporting.

I agree with this, and if mods are a “Yes”, then “did you try removing the mods to see if the issue persists?”.

It would be beneficial to everyone, mod-users and vanilla players alike, if the go-to “are you using mods?” inquiry line could be dropped.

Good point, that could be an additional line as well.

If they are playing on a private server they are reliant on the server Admins to remove the mods. And even in a single player game they may be reluctant to remove the mods to try recreating the bug if doing so will cause buildings to collapse etc.

The reports though are still valuable as other players can confirm the bug exists on non-modded servers or assist them with figuring out which mod is causing the issue.

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