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Bug Reporting Template

We’re testing out a new forum component that allows for drop down menus and forms. While this is not a perfect solution for bug report forms, the goal is to make bug reporting easier and smoother.

This is far from a final version and is subject to change or even be scrapped. Thank you!

Once you fill out the form, the information prints in a box at the bottom of this post. Please scroll down so you can copy and paste for your own bug report.

Basic Info

Please fill out the following:

Select your platform

Select issue type

Select game mode

Select server type

Select map

Enter server number or name (Type ‘none’ otherwise)

Enter all mods used, if any (Type ‘none’ otherwise)

Bug Description:

Describe the issue. Please be thorough.

Bug Reproduction:

Please describe the steps you took to cause this bug to happen.

Finishing your report!

The information you filled out should now be listed below. :point_down:
Please copy this info and paste it into a new report. Thank you!

Basic Info:

Platform: =PLATFORM=
Issue Type: =ISSUE TYPE=
Game Mode: =GAME MODE=
Server Type: =SERVER TYPE=
Map: =MAP=
Server Name: =SERVER NAME=
Mods: =MODS=

Bug Description:


Bug Reproduction:


Congrats, now you destroyed the game absolutly
3.0 DLC not working offline without internet connection mode
Server Latan 1977 NICEEEE
Terrain missing its graphic
Bug report DLC recipies not showing up
Battlepass Rewards
Multiple Servers missmatched after server restarted
Earned Challenge/Battlepass items not spawning
Missing bazaar items after purchased
Unable to claim Battlepass reward
Thralls under foundations
Healing arrows and aloe potions bug
Healing bug during boss fight
Taming Thralls not working
Corrupted stats bug
Summons mounts killed by Thralls
Thralls are not engaging in combat
Bug report DLC recipies not showing up
Random death and kick from server
The UE4-conansandbox game has crashed and will
Figurines not in Inventory - Isle of Siptah
Character not getting wet/moist anymore when outdoors
Impossible de jouer en ligne (gamepass)
Riverwatch Thrall Bug
Strange character walk
Inverse-Kinematics during movement only works sometimes...?
Summons mounts killed by Thralls
Game Crashes during intro, every time. No mods installed
Game freezes constantly after patch
Sprintkick no longer works
Fast elevator problem
PC bugs after sorcery update
Cant buy battlepass
Isle of Siptah issues
Unmodded private server rubber banding
[BUG] Benches, chests, etc don't refresh decay after building upgrade
Baum ist Verbugt bzw Unsichtbar auf B7
Cant buy Battlepass on PC Gamepass
Bazaar, missing items after purchase
Functional Warpaints aren't working
Resurrected Corpses report as having died, then returning home
Where are my materials?
Watcher Items from Twitch not showing?
All of our bases lost stability while I was online
Sacrifical Stone: Unable to add thrall after game tweek update
Thralls bug and wont follow/get stuck/invisible
Lost all inventory
Purge spawned inside base
I need HELP! I can't log in to the Funcom Live Services
Arcane Items fail to spawn

Gentle reminder: Please remove the entire topic template message before submitting your bug report. The filter is now more strict. Also, please note the URL to the bug report template has been updated slightly.

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