Could not connect to server. Server password not valid!

Basic Info:

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Other
Game Mode: Online Private
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: ConanDogHouse
Mods: None

Bug Description:

WHen trying to connect to server, get the message “Could not connect to server. Server password not valid!”

Bug Reproduction:

Just try to connect to server. Created a new server using the dedicated server launcher and got the same error on it.


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All of the servers aren’t working for 5 hours they might come back on after 30 minutes

This is a private server - it is online. I am the server admin! Your solution is not the solution.

And so? “All” the servers are down

It is a private sever. I am looking at the server running as I type. It is not down. It is producing 25-30 ticks

Funcom’s authentication servers are down. All servers across all platforms are experiencing the same issue. This is a good time to kick back, eat a slice of cake, and be infuriated that you can’t play the game.

Thank you, Maineiac. I thought that after the player gets to the server selection screen the Funcom authentication was already complete. I did not know that it interjects itself again when connecting to a private server.

Instead of cake, I am (literally) drinking a beer. Fortunately family members who cannot play are busy with other things: I was going to test new mods now while it is convenient to start/stop the server as needed.

Oh man, I love drinking beer with my cake!

good explanation but still. cakes are digusting :smile:

Just got on my test server - going to get the “real” one back on line.

Beer did not run out first!

Maineiac - is your cake a gift from GladOS?

Back up and running… so far.

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There i was only 30 mins off :slight_smile:

same invalid id bug

Contacted Gportal about this, its Funcom…

I was able to login about 11 hours ago, and can login now 3pm GMT 8 Dec

Private servers are still inaccessible. The Age of Sorcer… I mean Downtime update is going swimmingly!