Funcom please respond with a hotfix ETA reply - here is a review of all recent game breaking bugs

I don’t see any message from funcom addressing recent issues. We don’t have to solve all the new bugs in one patch. We can focus on one at a time. But some are pretty game breaking. Can we please get a response or acknowledgement?

Let’s atleast hot fix the more game breaking bugs asap!!!

In order of priority:

  1. Merchants still don’t sell anything, very gamebreaking as endgame dungeon requires purchases.

  2. Journey system, step 1 is undoable, without creating a new character, and many other steps I see players claim don’t trigger, and journey hud causes hella fps issues especially near npc camps like the black galleon. Turning off journey hud in settings is a temporary fix, but it turns back on after a disconnect or app close - forcing the player to have to turn it “on” and then back off again in settings every time.

  3. Dismantling bench broken, each item has to be manually placed, and thralls are not auto placed into stations anymore.

  4. Ceiling tiles that have crafting stations above them have a very high chance of losing stability when upgraded. When this happens there is no loot bag and all loot and the thrall within said crafting station instantly despawn. The loot log doesn’t even show which items were lost. Also, frequently when upgrading or placing items, the character instead demolished the underlying tile. Perhaps a remapping of the demolish button should be done in lieu of holding down the same button that builds.

  5. Frequent disconnects even with perfect internet, often causing death of player with chance of both body and loot instantly despawning if died during disconnect. Upon rellogging thralls no longer follow the player and buffs are gone, nor can they be reapplied until the character dies or removes bracelet. Allow buffs and thralls to continue staying on the character if they log back in within 30 minutes. Make bodies last an hour, not thirty minutes. Isolate the issue causing dcs ultimately. Make players invincible if they disconnect - with a way to detect if they logged off or closed their app to prevent abuse.

  6. Invisible npcs, I’ve had a rocknose purge destroy me because the rockslide was invisible and there was no way to dodge the attacks. I’ve killed 2 t4 named bearers that I wanted to capture simply because they were invisible and roaring at me like a rocknose. Make npcs unable to aggro if they are not registered into the game.

  7. Golems attack each other and do not harvest if in war party. The only solution presently is to put them on “attack nothing.” Golems should also be repairable with sufficient blood crystal or alchemical base.

  8. Put arcane curio cabinet back up to many inventory slots. It’s a magical cabinet for sorcery’s sake!!! I don’t even use this item or have the dlc purchase for it but I 186,000% agree with other players complaints I have seen.

  9. When desecrate triggers, it hits Allies as well. Why? When using thralls, there is a high chance they enter perma fall and follow you around while “flying” for a long period of time, usually only resetting when they re-enter combat.

  10. Loot often takes up to 5 seconds to load. If your character has any forward momentum at all they will continue running for that full 5 seconds (sometimes off a cliff.) Make it so your character has to be STATIONARY with the left control stick at neutral, before a loot window will ever open. It is a pain to trigger every single dead npc on the map and every chest in your base, and is more load on the game too, to have to load loot for objects you’re not even interested in looking at.

  11. Did I miss anything or not prioritize these in the order they should be fixed? Please number where you think your issue should be and I will edit this post. Keep this post bumped, state your issue as a comment to this post instead of another post and I personally will try to keep all the known major issues in one organized list that “hopefully” a mod will confirm they are looking to fix - ONE AT A TIME - ASAP not months for a hot fix trying to do it all. I doubt people want to wait months to spend blood crystals or heads of Kurak.

Let’s band together everyone!


Can you tell us what platform you are on? PC, XBOX, PS4, PS5?

Or, if want to type them in as individual reports:

In case you would like to report a bug or technical issues you’re experiencing with the game on our Official Servers, you may use this section.


The same problems I have on ps5 people are complaining about on Xbox and pc my dude.

For example, journey step 1 is impossible for all players who don’t make a brand new character.

Merchants across ALL platforms refuse to sell anything.

Pretty much every problem I described is universal


Yes, but the dev team can not handle one ticket for all those bullet points you made. Pull up the zendesk template through that link. Fill it in, copy, paste here (or in bugs for each platform). Yes, it’s more work.

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I disagree. Instead of them having to check a hundred tickets, they have one list of all the problems in one place. They read through thousands of lines of code, explain why you think 10 or so bullet points is “too much work” for them??

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:point_up_2:Not true. I haven’t experienced any of the problems on your “list” and @Dzonatas is right, you need to fill out a bug report if you expect something to get fixed.

  • Your first bullet:

All merchants work perfect for me on PC (Steam). I simply updated to the latest patch when it came out on the 14th and have been enjoying the game. If this is a bug that is affecting you then Funcom needs the details that come with filling out a bug report in order to fix it. Some of the details they will need include your platform and setup, (including console version), but most importantly HOW TO REPRODUCE IT.

  • Your second bullet:

The first journey step requires you to make a new character, so to say it is “undoable” is not true. If you have created a new character and are still failing to complete the first journey step, then create a bug report so it can be addressed. Don’t forget to include all details including HOW TO REPRODUCE IT.

  • Your third bullet:

The dismantling bench is not “broken” it simply works differently then it used to and differently then most of us would prefer. It still dismantles items and provides us with the salvaged resources. Is it a bug that it takes longer to manually place items in the appropriate field? If so, then it is one that is a very minor inconvenience to PC users and certainly not “game breaking.” Perhaps you should fill out a bug report which explains the problem, how it affects your platform and HOW TO REPRODUCE IT.

  • Your fourth bullet:

Ceiling tiles losing stability. This may be another example of something that is very specific to your platform as I have never experienced it in well over 4k hours played. I have heard many people complain about various stability issues with one building piece or another but if you don’t fill out a bug report with proper steps on HOW TO REPRODUCE IT, then don’t expect it to get fixed.

  • Your fifth bullet:

Frequent disconnects have always plagued Conan. Most of the disconnects that I experience are Steam issues, which clearly you don’t experience as a console user. I will say that since the update I have been disconnected twice and neither was related to Steam. However, twice in a week is not exactly game breaking, nor excessive for Conan Exiles. There may very well be a new problem with stability and excessive disconnects but let’s not pretend that everyone is effected the same. It is best to fill out a bug report which includes as much details as possible on HOW TO REPRODUCE IT. The more information Funcom can gather the faster they will be able to determine if it is a bug, where it lives and how to squash it.

  • You sixth bullet:

I have never experienced any invisible NPCs in this game, ever. That doesn’t mean that you haven’t experienced them on your platform with your setup. In fact, it may very well be common on your platform but I think you know what I’m gonna say next. Fill out a bug report that shows Funcom HOW TO REPRODUCE IT so they can fix it.

  • Your seventh bullet:

I have not created a golem yet as that is a facet of the game that holds no interest with me. However, if golems are attacking each other within the same clan, that does sound like a bug that needs to be addressed. Fill out a bug report just like it has been mentioned above and don’t skimp on the details of HOW TO REPRODUCE IT.

  • Your eighth bullet:

The number of inventory slots that the Arcane Curio Cabinet possesses is definitely not a bug, it is listed in the patch notes. In fact, I believe it was supposed to be included in a previous patch but was accidently overlooked. I happen to share your sentiment that the cabinet deserves more inventory space than the 40 slots it was reduced to, but that doesn’t make it a “game breaking bug.”

  • Your last bullet:

Obviously this doesn’t deserve to be a bullet as it contain nothing that can be described as a bug. It is simply a cry to the forum to bump your thread.

You just edited your post, adding more bullets and renumbered the last few that were listed, so instead of dedicating any more time to your thread, I will simply say: fill out a bug report that includes instructions on HOW TO REPRODUCE IT


Huh? I didn’t write it was “too much work”.

I don’t know why you want friction there to force one ticket for all. You have opened this forum thread, so there is the discussion for them all. Just link back here in each ticket you open for each bullet point.


Iv not had any problems that you listed.
I’m on single player, PC
Maybe try validating your files and see if that helps.

All of these bugs have been reported numerous times, many while this build was still on the public beta.
Just what is the point of the public beta servers? It certainly it’s to find and fix bugs before they go live.
You want to know what it’s about? Youtube content creators. They have become the game next build trailer makers. And doing it for free.

I have all of them quite a few have, just why aren’t you?

And I have quite a few that don’t work at all on PC, multiple people have reported this.

Reading skills, get some.

Yes it is broken, and has been confirmed. EVERYONE HAS THIS SAME BUG. And have been reported multiple times across all platforms.

You have any idea how many times and how long people have been reporting this? No you have no clue do you?

And because you’re not effected it’s not an issue, right?

Read the forum and you will see LOTS OF PEOPLE ARE HAVING THESE ISSUES.

I think you completely missed the point of the thread, hint it’s in the title “Funcom please respond with a hotfix ETA reply - here is a review of all recent game breaking bugs

Try reading the forum, if you aren’t having the same issues I have to wounder why, everyone else is.


I have experienced many but not all of the OP bugs. I’ll add that my thralls for years “swim in the air” when entering dungeons, until they find combat to ground them. Not game breaking, but immersion breaking in the extreme.


new dungeon vendors cannot sell anything.

this is a known issue.

even the peoples of my server can’t buy


I have experienced them all on ps5 and on my pc bud, tons of people have ever since sorcery was introduced.


We know this.

No chance for 0-day.

Good, but the monetization motive is obvious. Some make a living off it on youtube.

I agree the creators try to be reasonable about fresh code. They also dumb down the conversation here (to stay on top of it). It sounds like fud.

Some players note their 1000+ hours spent in the game (in regards). Others are just messing with the code. More help is good. Bad help means reverts and confusion that could reintroduce bugs.

@davice you took the time to type all that. Did you perchance look at other forum posters as I mentioned? While you may not have the merchant issue on steam, there are other pc users who can’t buy from merchants. And xbox, and ps4, and ps5. Just check the forums.

I should not have to fill out 9 separate bug reports. I feel like they don’t read bug reports. It’s automated and all it does is ask for a screenshot reproducing the issue. I’d much rather have a reply from someone and I feel like I have a better chance at seeing said reply here.

These forums and the feedback section, should be exactly for said reports. That’s what they are for anyways.

@madmatic thank you see I told you guys

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@DaVice how the heck have you NEVER experienced invisible npcs? It’s plagued many ps user for ages. I have friends who have made videos on it it’s so common :joy:

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@DeaconElie thanks sir for fighting the good fight. Not sure why anyone would want to argue against this review post. Obviously the bugs have been reported, why should I have to re-report when it seems like reporting does nothing anyways :man_shrugging:t2:

Then I ask again just like the others before me… What is the purpose of this thread? :man_shrugging:

If it’s a bug, report it… if it’s already been reported… wait for a fix…
Have you ever experienced listing them in a forum thread suddenly make a difference?..

They still have to figure out how to reproduce them… and what’s causing it in order to fix it. Now if you or OP can provide additional details that help reproducing the more elusive ones of these bugs consistently, then by all means do so… but it didn’t look like it to me.

However… half of them really aren’t bugs… and no, just because you don’t agree with a gameplay change they make… like reducing the inventory capacity of a container… that doesn’t make it a bug…

The bottom line is this:

  • If you want a bug to be fixed, it needs to end up in their bugtracking system
  • The ONLY path to that is making a bug report… with the proper template.
  • If it’s been reported and you’re just impatient, you can make a million list threads and we’ll have nice conversations in them about stuff, but it’s not going to have ANY effect whatsoever :slight_smile:

Then I have one question @Xevyr …. What in gods name is the “feedback” forum even for???

Also none of these bugs are “elusive” save for two. They can all be easily reproduced.

Which two? Corpse insta despawn after disconnect death. And ceiling tile losing stability upon upgrade.

I’m asking them to simply CLAIM that they are going to fix. I’m not waiting for a fix when there is no word from the devs acknowledging that they have even recognized these bugs. There is no word yet from officials. That’s what I’m asking for. I just want them to say “I hear ya”

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For feedback? :stuck_out_tongue:

This is the place where you could make a thread to suggest to Funcom that you preferred the Arcane Curio Cabinet having more slots and ask them nicely to consider changing it back :man_shrugging:
That’s called feedback :slight_smile:

It’s not for reporting bugs, they have a Bug report section for that for each platform and with a detailed template. Also they only accept ONE bug per report, not bundles.

By elusive I mean it only happens “sometimes” to “some” people on “some” platforms. So your stability one and the disconnects and even the invisible NPCs would probably fall in that category. If I went and tried to reproduce it now, I wouldn’t be able to based on the description you gave. And that’s how the devs end up a lot of times too, so they won’t be able to tell what’s wrong until they can find a way to reliably reproduce it.

That’s not really feedback though either… is it? :slight_smile: I mean sure you could ask them to maybe communicate a bit more and better - A lot of us here would be happy if they did that.

However there are several issues with that.
Firstly if they actually tell you the truth, you’re not going to be happy. So you’re not really expecting them to tell the truth… you’re expecting them to either “lie” to comfort you… or change the truth to what you want - which is not how things work.

What happens is, whenever someone reports a bug, they have some customer support staff go over them, try to pick out any obvious false-positives. If they’re able to conclude it’s a bug and are happy with the details they got, they’ll log it to their internal, bug tracker system.
There they get assigned a priority, which ranges from non gameplay effecting visual stuff, mild inconvenience ones all the way to critical ones that REALLY prevent playing. (those they usually fix in days…)

They will work on the more severe ones in their allotted time, if they’ll have too much time left on their hands after tacking those, they might eventually end up at the low priority ones.

Also, just to clarify, pretty much ALL of what you listed that are actually bugs, would be classified as the lowest priority on a list like that or maybe the one right above for some… none of them are in any way severe or critical.

Now if a rep came up and told you “We’ll fix it in roughly 2 years”, would you be happy with that? :slight_smile:
My guess is not…

That’s actually encouraged, for you to not wait for a fix as it might take a while in these cases. Instead play with the features that do work and try to enjoy those. They almost NEVER reply or communicate any of their internal stuff like which bugs they’re fixing and when. It has to be a very critical bug for them to start giving updates (we’ve seen that recently with the auth issues)

You might get that part though :slight_smile: Dana has been doing a very good job lately showing up to all sorts of random threads and telling people they forwarded their feedback to the rest of the team. Now if that will work for you, then you might get that part :joy: