Weteffect gone when the character reach a specific high

Please fix this bug or give a feedback that you work at this. Its since 2022 and very sad… my old report was recieved but never fixed. Details below


I want to test later. At what heights does it work and at what heights does it not work?

With ToT Custom you can see numbers for the slider so it’s easier that way.

I think I’ve usually had the effect working on my characters, but probably sometimes it was broken for the same reasons.

you can test it with the orb of Nergal bank, when you not a admin then you can test it on the jungle or the highlands with rain. It’s about a little bit above the middle high. In my first post i add a video but i dont know it is gone.

As in, a little bit more than 50% of the height slider and you get wet effects, but higher or lower and it’s gone?

I’m not home to test yet. Just trying to understand.

When you get higher the weteffect of the world and the character is gone.

here a vid. Its happend without mods. Don’t be surprised, I didn’t bother to switch off all mods again for the video. It excists reddit posts, steam post but i think noone recognize it. Watch Conan Exiles 2023.10.19 - | Streamable

I specifically tested without body mods and completely vanilla with the Nergal workbench so that I could exclude mods. But apparently the bug was never fixed and since almost everyone mods their game and the probability of noticing the difference in body size is so low, no one ever tries it :slight_smile:

The vid doesnt work, sorry… here. On this high (Vanilla) it starts to disapear

Okay much clearer with pictures! Thanks!

You worried about rain stopping?
My characters physics stop when I go above %50 clothes and hair become cardboard.

Please read again, not the rain stops, the wet effect of the character and the complete world is completly gone at a specific character high, and yes I’m worried about, because it looks pretty and i wont play a little barbarian to enjoy it :wink:. I don’t know exactly what your problem is, but why don’t you open a topic? I hope you get help. It’s good for all of us to report issues. :slight_smile:

Yea the effect looks great when it works. I enjoyed it a lot when I did my first and thorough exploration of EL map recently.

Exactly and it’s sad that funcom never fix this issue since sourcery. So push it then we all become wet :smiley:

Push! Any comment from funcom about this bug? regards

Any news about this issue? It would be really great if this post is not forgotten. It’s already a pretty unsightly graphics bug. kind regards

Any fix here? … repoly? something?