All of our bases lost stability while I was online

Base Lost Stability Right in front of my eyes.


Got the same issue a year ago, after month of play cave\canyon base was erased just in front of my eyes. Still didn’t know - bug (decay\stability issue) or intentional wipe by mods.


I’ve heard about the stability bug issue and after all this time it still hasn’t been addressed? Yet they can crank out decorative pieces and purchase-able content (I mean why bother if its going to evaporate in front of you?) I’m so disappointed. On top of all of this I have multiple reports of reporting players who are hacking (video evidence and everything sent to Zendesk) so we have had non-stop issues. I’m afraid this will kill it for my group. I doubt the nine other guys in my group will stick around after this (they were already fed up with the lack of response on Zendesk’s part with the hacking) and now this? Yep…that just about does it for me…

Trying to figure ou. We had a speed hacker for 1 week, so we did build a few extra layers to make it more didficult for them to use the id hack to target chests, but snce we were able to log in after server restart, this is more likely a bug.

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Update: one of our clan members claims they are banned from playing officials. I don’t know the reason. If he broke a rule wouldn’t that then affect the entire clan ban wise? Meaning, would the entire clan not be banned? I can login just fine, so can the rest of the group. The only thing that lost stability was building pieces. Chests, vaults, braziers, etc remained as well as thralls. Nothing on the event log says anything was decayed, just loss of stability. Does funcom wipe structures if one player in a clan does something against the rules? I always have seen the entire clan get into trouble if someone in their group broke the TOS, not just one of them. We weren’t overbuilt by any means, so land claim spam wasn’t the issue. The only thing I noticed odd before it happened was the random landclaim I was trying to reach that seemed to be above me and then all of my structures disappeared. I would really appreciate any feedback from mods/devs about this as I’m about to just go ahead and hang up conan forever. This has been an extremely frustrating experience.

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If your log say “lost stability” it’s very possible it was a dev wipe. Especially if you’re clan mate is now banned.

Sadly, Funcoms stance is if one breaks the rules, the entire clan is banned. It may take till after the next restart to take effect. You should see the reason when you try to log in, but there is literally zero point in appealing as Funcom doesn’t reverse any temporary bans.

I feel for you. I’d like to hear a follow up on what happened though

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Yes sounds like a dev vipe to me, most likely the whole clan will get the ban after server reset.

So I have just been made aware that we are banned because we abused building limits. We had 50,000 building pieces between 10 people. How is that too much landclaim? We have reported clans on this very server that is well into the 300,000-500,000 range (they dupe built their structures) and never did they get banned. We were more than likely mass reported from those clans that were doing this as well as their ally’s. I will no longer be sinking anymore time or money into this game. We did not have extreme builds. This is beyond ridiculous of funcom and zendesk to overreact the way they have done but overlook the builds that actually crash the server or the hackers that plagued the game.

There are no building “limits”, and I’m willing to bet that whatever message you got from Funcom, if it was in English, it didn’t say “limits”.

Abuse of claim system, maybe, or abuse of building mechanics or building system. But not limits, because there are no set limits.

As Funcom repeatedly clarified before, the rules are not about crossing a fixed numeric limit. The rules are about the impact of the build on other players’ gameplay experience. In other words, Funcom tries to judge what you do with your build, rather than how much you’ve built up. And they tend to focus on that in the reports they review, too.

There are several reasons why a report doesn’t end up getting the target clan banned. It could be auto-closed because Funcom didn’t have enough time and people to get to reviewing it. When that happens, you get an e-mail stating that – including an infuriating bit of verbiage that suggests that the problem might have “solved itself on its own” – and you’re invited to submit another report if the problem persists.

It could be that the report didn’t include enough – or any – relevant information. Funcom already clarified that this seems to be a pervasive problem with reports:

Finally, it could be that they reviewed the report and didn’t find enough evidence to corroborate the claims, and also didn’t dig up anything else that seems bannable. If you’re submitting a report, you should know what to report.

People have been banned for foundation webs and other forms of claim spam, for fence foundation stacking (back when it was possible), and for blocking a POI from being discoverable and other forms of content blocking, among other things. If your 50,000 pieces between 10 people were used to do any of the above, and whoever reported you knew how to point that out, it’s not a surprise you got suspended.

It sucks to be banned, but people really need to start figuring these things out. The complaints about how the “rules are vague and unclear” lose an additional bit of credibility every time someone comes here to insist on how they didn’t build more than N pieces. The rules don’t mention any building limits, and anyone who has actually read the rules should know that.

The majirity of our abuse was fending off 3 consecutive speed hackers to try and hold out for the 1 to 2 weeks it takes for FC to respond (which of not done, would have wiped is in hours). I even put in our reports about the speed hackers that we were yhrowing up walling to try and hold out, as the speed jackers have issues if you 'creat" mazes of holes and chests. But it is what it is. I will be removing the game, the mod kit and letting my private server shut down. Ww even reportes the builds that would drop all FPS on server when rendered, but crickets from FC. So we farmed up thousands and thousands of DP, blew down over days what we could while waiting on FC. We actually removed quite abl bit that way. But also pissed of those clans to make them turn to speed hacking us. But rules are rules i guess. In the end the speed hackers won, as I am quitting thus game and forum.


I’m not saying Funcom is handling the cheaters correctly. Or that they’re doing a good job keeping up with the reports. I’m not even giving an opinion on whether the current rules are good for official PVP servers or not.

All I’m saying – and I’ll keep saying it – is that there are no building limits, and that people who keep pushing that idea are wrong and won’t get anywhere with it. And the reason I keep saying it is because people who talk about building limits in the rules invariably end up talking about imposing building limits in-game, and I don’t want that.

True, but we are not wanting limits either. We just are pointing out to not waste time trying to hold out against speed hackers. Just despawn and leave. Let them win. FC doesnt care in the end.


Limits was the incorrect wording, I apologize the exact wording that was on the screen was as follows: “Your access to official servers has been suspended. You will have access again on 2022-11-22
Reason: Abuse of the claim system to prevent access to resources or building spots”

I took the “Abuse of the claim system” remark as we over built. When we didn’t. As for the second part we didn’t block any resources and we didn’t deny access to building spots, like spamming foundations down to keep people from building in a spot (we didn’t have any of that). We had two bases, three thrall wheels, and one FOB. Adding up to a little over 50,000 building pieces.

I’m now afraid to even touch the game officially because imo, build wise we were extremely tame compared to what is on there currently especially being a full clan. If I felt I did something wrong, I have no problems just taking the punishment but this is so out of left field. It took two server resets for the suspension to actually take effect and the clan that mass reported us was gloating because they ran to the areas where we were built and of course was making fun of us. Which is whatever but based off of some of their comments I’m thinking they sent a bunch of pictures and they weren’t verified 100% to belong to us. Whoever decided to pull the plug on us definitely didn’t double check.

As for this, I have another post about my report being literally swept under the rug, it wasn’t lacking any evidence ( I submitted video, pictures, etc) I know what not to report and what to report. I got an automated message that they had not been able to get to the report and if it still persists to contact them again. (I’m paraphrasing because I don’t have the email right in front of me.) So I did my due diligence, they just didn’t have the time but apparently had time to do something about us.

I took abuse of land claim as land claim spamming or overbuilding, I interpreted differently than you have. I’m fully aware there isn’t specific building limits but you can get banned or suspended for overbuilding, I have quite literally seen it happen to others on servers. I assumed that was what we got hit up for because we didn’t deny access to anything. Again, I understood it differently and my wording was off.

What done is done and we were mass reported (the clan that was taunting me while I still had online access even admitted it) so I just gotta deal. Sucks but I won’t doing officials ever again.


@alias_46913 did you mean to hit solution on @CodeMage post? Just curious

So between alias clan of 10 and @biggcane55 clan of maybe 6-10 just guessing. That’s potentially another 20 people leaving the game due to the reporting system not working as intended or at the very least not working for paying customers. These numbers barley even scratch the surface on the amount that’s left due to lack of care. Sorry for the negativity but it’s ridiculous. so the community shrinks even more and “here is some more buyable items to keep the remaining half of the game happy and not question us.”GG


No I didn’t even realize I did that, my bad.

What makes matters worse is the reports I submitted weeks ago (before the clan that mass reported us was even on that server) funcom/zendesk just emailed me yesterday afternoon to let me know they finally got around to the investigation and it was concluded. So my report that was submitted, well before the clan that got us banned, was brushed off along with my clan mates’ reports. The clan that just recently mass reported us got theirs dealt with right away. Which confirms my suspicion the squeakiest wheel gets the grease. Numbers matter, not validity. I will never sink a single cent into this company ever again. So disappointed.

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For clarification, we are in the same clan. but srill the main issue i have is we had 2 choices, run away to another server from the speed hackers cyber bullying, or Stand ground by building in a way to remove the esp part as much as possible from his weaponized hack, all while not lagging server or blicking unique content. Hoping if we held out they would get bored, or FC would finally take care of it. We choae 2, which is why we were banned.

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