My base disappeared "Lost Stability" in the middle of the night for no reason

Basic Info:

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Other
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvE
Map: Isle of Siptah
Server Name: Official server #6437 PvE - g-portal .com
Mods: None

Bug Description:

TLDR: My base disappeared. Long version: My partner and I have a large base on the corner of N-11 between the main island and the NorthEast tiny island. We’ve been working very hard at making it exactly how we envisioned it for the past year or so. Finally working on getting the journey steps completed so we can unlock all of the different armors and display them on the new mannequins finally! So last night I sorted a bunch of miscellaneous items that were scattered about and put them all away in the areas of our castle where they belong. Logged off and went to bed and everything was fine and normal. Then I came home from work today, (approximately 17 hours later so I know it was definitely not a decay timer) and now our entire base is missing. I mean like missing missing. No building tiles exist anymore where there should be lots. Almost all of our crafting stations and thralls and placeables and vaults and some various chests, but definitely not all of them, are still floating in the air where they used to stand, but still no building tiles. The event log only has a few hundred lines of “Various item has lost stability”. We have 9 different towers set up around the map with teleporters on them and all of those are perfectly safe and sound just as we left them. It’s only the main base, the thing we love, that is missing. We’ve worked very hard on this base and love this game and wish to continue playing, but if everything we’ve worked so hard to create over the past year is now missing then I have no words.

Bug Reproduction:

Steps to recreate: Step 1, Log in to game. Step 2, Open eyes. Step 3, look at where base should be. Step 4, see base is not there. Step 5, lie to yourself and say “Oh, it’s just taking a really long time to load today for some reason, it’ll show up soon.” Step 6, Realize your base isn’t coming back. Step 7, Cry. Step 8, Realize you’ve put in over 1000 hours into this game and cannot ask Steam for a refund. Step 9, Cry some more. Step 10, Try to calm down enough to post a bug report without using 18 million swear words. Step 11, Cry more.

Sounds like you might have been admin-wiped. Over the next 24 hours, the servers will restart. If you can’t log back in after the restart, then you’ve been suspended and that means that this wasn’t a bug, but an admin-wipe.

If not, if you can still log onto the official servers after 24 hours or so, then it might have been a bug.


Yup agree with @CodeMage . 99% u have been admin wipe. If i was u i would pick up the most valuable things i could carry/bodyvault BEFORE server restart … after log out i would also download another that i would like to try cause u won’t be able to play for minimum a week…

Yeah, Admin wipe. Wish someone would have mentioned this to you before you started. Link below can show you what not to do.

So it’s not a bug at all? It’s some sort of retribution for trying to play the game?

Thanks for the replies all. I hope everyone else enjoys the rest of their time with the game because it’s already being deleted from my PC.
If anyone plays on Siptah server 6437 and wants some free stuff (whatever is left of it after the divine intervention lol) It’s at N-11 near the beach and will decay in about 218 more hours. Enjoy



When playing online with other people, you need to play in a way that lets everyone enjoy the game. That means making compromises.

One of those compromises is that you can’t fill the whole server, or massive parts of it, with your own buildings, nor can you block important locations from other players with your own buildings.

I admit I’m not very familiar with how this code of conduct is explained for online players, as I play exclusively Single-Player. That way, I don’t need to make those aforementioned compromises or take other people’s needs into account.

Alternatively, you can set up your own private server with your own rules, and build to your heart’s content.

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You have options. Not sure why some people want to play on the officials so badly, I know people that will agree they are about the worst part of the game. But you can still play single player, host a coop or game on your PC. Play on a selection of private servers; that will also have rules to play by. Or host your own server. You don’t have to quit the game if you like the game, just don’t play on the official servers.

You breaking the rules you are told to read every time you log in, is on YOU. Blaming admin doesn’t make it any less your fault. it is actually your responsibility to read the rules.

Now I know people will agree parts of the TOS are open to some wide interpretations, and that Funcom needs to do a better job of informing people of admin actions.

Players deserve to be told what action was taken and why. You can’t learn what you did wrong if you’re not told.


We blocked zero important resources other than stone and grass. We blocked zero landmarks. Our base even had almost zero doors so people could wander around and explore everything we’d built freely. The only thing we did was create a few statues that went beyond the foundations of our base. And the only reason we did that was to protect ourselves from other people. We’ve had other clans build bases literally 1 foot away from our castle and we were sick of losing thralls and taking damage because our neighbor got purged.

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The official servers were fun because you get to interact with other people. You get to see other amazing builds. You can help people with purges or surges. Or have pvp arena tournaments. etcetc. The world actually feels alive and lived in.
Plus, hosting your own server means that me and my clanmate would have to be online at the same time every time we play together. On official servers they’re always online, so one person can play without the other having to get up and boot up the server for them.

The ToS are VERY up to interpretation. “No bridges, no walls, no decorations, no claiming land, no building anything to protect yourself from other people or purges or other people’s purges”
Our build did nothing that I haven’t seen a dozen other times from a dozen other clans on official servers. We even specifically told ourselves many times that we didn’t want to block the natural land formations because we wanted to be polite to everyone else on the server and not block access to the path around the beach.

If someone had given us maybe, ya know, A WARNING and said “Hey, you’re violating this ToS. Fix it now or else we’re deleting you” Then guess what?? We would have fixed it immediately!!! But no, they just decide to delete our base in the middle of the night while we’re offline without even telling us.

F*ck you funcom
Sincerely, someone you don’t give a shit about because you’ve already got hundreds of my dollars from your overpriced DLC and bazaar items.

edit: LMAO apparently you can’t say the F word on the forums. Very hilarious for a game that’s rated PEGI 18 ADULTS ONLY, has fully animated penises, vaginas, anuses, human sacrifice, decapitations, etcetc. I can’t even.

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It could be a bug, or it could be an admin-wipe. If it was an admin wipe, it comes hand-in-hand with suspension, which is why my advice was to wait at least 24 hours more and check if you can log in.

The reason for the wait is because suspensions are enforced via blacklist files that are distributed to the official servers, but the servers only read those files when they’re starting up.

If it wasn’t admin action, then it actually was a bug, and this would be a valid bug report.

Yeah, that sucks. They should at least give an explanation after the admin action, so people don’t go back and repeat the same mistake. It would be nicer to do it in advance, as a warning, but that means more work for whoever they have moderating the official servers, which means more money they would have to spend on those official servers (that we don’t pay subscription for) instead of on other things.

Mind, I’m not trying to justify their actions, I’m just trying to explain the most likely reason why they don’t do some things we would like them to. That said, I can’t think of a reason why not allow people to get information after being wiped and suspended. That just sucks. :man_shrugging:

The forums are not only for Conan Exiles, but for all Funcom games, and not all of them are PEGI 18 or ESRB M or whatever other ratings are applied in other countries.

And no, they can’t currently customize the swear word list per forum, because Discourse, the open-source forum software they use, does not have an option for it, as far as I know. Since it’s open-source, they could probably fork it and add that feature, but that requires development effort that can be better spent elsewhere.

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