Base disappeared overnight

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: EU

I play on an official PvE server.

My current main base is in the desert, last night I started building a new one in the highlands. Managed to lay down some foundations and set up a bedroll, smelter, blacksmith, and carpenter stations there. Also put enough thralls around this to protect it. I finally log back in this evening to see that all foundations and the four stations are gone - only the bedroll and thralls remain, seemingly untouched. This would not be as much of a setback if I hadn’t had stored loads of resources and supplies at these stations. I also lost the thralls operating them.

What the hell happened? How is this possible? Who do I complain to to get this back?

I checked the event log and it says that those things decayed… How the hell do they decay over the course of one night?!

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Spend almost 60 hours in game in a game you paid for
  2. Put hard work into collecting resources and building structures
  3. Ensure your base is well-protected by leaving thralls all around it, even though it’s a PvE server, just in case NPCs somehow reach it
  4. Be utterly disappointed when you log back in the next day to find that it’s all mysteriously vanished over one night…
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Bump - give me my stuff back or my money back.

Things can’t decay over the course of ONE NIGHT.

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Depends on how big that new base was, and if you made it out of sandstone.

Do you know how to check the decay timer on your base?

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Funcom has no admin of official servers thus they cannot give your lost items back

To receive a refund you must get in contact with the retailer that sold you the game as they did the transaction so funcom can’t help you there

As mentioned above use a repair hammer to check you building as if it’s not big enough of uses low teir buildings then the decay timer will be very short

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You can also check with the Tab-key. you don’t need a hammer anymore to just check.

I appreciate your responses guys, but the foundations were not low-tier - they were from the Turanian pack. And even if that is the case, then how do you explain the overnight decay/disappearance of potion cooker, furnace, blacksmith station, and carpentry station that were all in active use when I logged out, still with fuel in them?

This would not be such a huge setback if I hadn’t also lost the hundreds of resources I had stored in them. They were all going to be used the very next day so that I could continue my building, but all of it was gone. If Funcom doesn’t admin its own official servers than why the hell not? That’s a standard for most respected MMO games.

If the foundations do not have enough peices then decay time will be low also if the foundations go way everything attached will no longer have stability which is also required check decay time with
The hammer to
See what happened in terms of time for your next building

Check your event log (with the range maxed out). If the stuff disappeared because of decay it’ll tell you. If there’s nothing in the event log then you fell victim to some kind of glitch. It happened to me a year ago. I lost all of the placeable items in my base except stuff made via the artisans bench. In either case, there isn’t anything Funcom can do about it.

There is something they can and should do - fix this joke of a broken mechanic so that it doesn’t happen to more players…

Bump. Didn’t see anything about this glitch being fixed in the hotfix, any news on whether the developers are aware of this issue?

Not an MMO. If you want admin’s to be able to refund your stuff, join a private server.

What glitch? You have yet to post what your event log reported. There’s nothing Funcom can use from your bug report.

Decaying materials huh? They should remove that. I lost everything last night as well, On server 3508. I have a few slaves and animals and that’s it. This is the second time this has happened to me. I had a HUGE base and now I have nothing. My son and friend was on the same server and they lost everything, not once, but twice. They had a big base as well, so there is NO WAY their stuffed so called “Decayed” that fast. It sucks we spent all this time to make something out of nothing on the PVE and spend $60 to buy all the additions (PS4) to get screw over. What a waste…really starting to hate this game.

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