#1304 no stability - lost base and all items (3 years play here)

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Bug Description:

Today, after 3 years of playing on this server, my house has fallen apart. The journals say - no stability. I lost everything I had in the game.

After logging in, everything was fine. We went to the event (new). After coming home, my fps dropped to 20, suddenly.
Moments later, the whole house fell apart. Sacks with items that fell to the ground disappeared after a short while. Nothing was recovered.

I supported you all the time, i and my wife have all DLCs, we play all the time.
And you can’t fix such a critical error!

Have stability lost for 3 improved fridges and bed in 1018 server 6 december on maintenance time.Similar things happen sometimes.But all base…

That probably means you are about to be banned. This happened to us on siptah, couple hours later we were banned



You can request information through zendesk .

Good Luck!


I am not banned from entering the server. A small part of my base still exists (slaves (part of them), flags, well, etc.)
My wife (one clan) still has a house and things in chests.

I did not know about it, I will send a question on this form in a moment

Thank you


If you not banned-you can just report bug.Nothing else.

But I guess a bug that destroys an entire house / base (for no reason) should NEVER happen. And devs shouldn’t explain themselves - it happens, we are working on it, etc.
This is a full-version version of the game, not a test server.

That’s just my opinion

I sent an inquiry to zendesk asking what happened and why.
but I feel like I’m talking to the machine, not the human on the other side :slight_smile:

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the devs’ disrespectful attitude towards the players is at its maximum, it’s terrible

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Hello, we’re sorry about the trouble. I see that you said you have sent a Zendesk ticket. Our team is going to check out your issue as soon as possible and return to you with an explanation. Thank you for reaching out!

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i just logged into my server after only 5 days absent. at day 4 everything enterred decay i think according to logs. makes no sense cuz my main base was HUGE and the timer was maxed.
something wrong with this game right now big time. i submitted a report at zendesk as well, but after seeing that, i really just dont want to play this game anymore. and ive played off and on since early access. over 4k hours logged.

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I really sympathize, I know what it’s like to lose everything in the game because of a game (devs) bug, not because of your neglect or breaking the rules.

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Its a little heartbreaking.

i say that, and im a man. not emo in any way. but emotionally aware. yeah. we play these games, we find love for them. this sort of problem is akin to your girlfriend breaking up with you after x many years.

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I agree 100% with you. I also stopped playing this game after this situation. My favorite game, top 1, for a long, long time.

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out of cusiousity, how long does a zendesk ticket take to respond to? you say ASAP. how backed up are these guys?

Yeah they have no concept of time. I have literally had them reply once saying a bug was gonna be patched in the next release, 2 months after the initial complaints started filing in.

2 months after that dev reply, and the problem still persists.

You know there is fun in rebuilding. Heck there are times I will walk from a build and let it decay because I know I can do better…more efficient work in iteration 2.0…30.0, 4.0 you get the picture. When you loose it all and play again, you start realizing all you need takes about 2 weeks of play to get because you aren’t sumbling around anymore. You are experienced and know exactly how to do things so it gets done quicker and cheaper.

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erjoh you’re talking to ppl with over 4k hours of gametime vested. PEOPLE. that means this has happened to more than one person.

i dont mind rebuilding from a raid. i dont mind starting over because i let things decay. i do mind rebuilding because a bug took everything in one swoop.

why rebuild when it could just happen again?

in this i can assure you, there is NO FUN.

Because its a game about building and such. Crap happens, you deal with the emotions of it, and then you pick yourself up and rebuild. Heck I was asking for a demolish button so I can destroy my bases and start in the same location again without waiting the 7 days. Look I get the mourning period. You got attached to your build. We all do. But that doesn’t mean you done with the game because you lost it any more than you are done with pets in general because you lost the family dog. You are more resilient than you give yourself credit for and you grow emotionally as a person because of it. Its a game so it’s not a significant loss to you and you have lots of good memories (I assume) in the 4000 hours. I understand your frustration but everything you build eventually will disappear anyways. Be glad it was when you are still invested and can use this to make better things.

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Have you played this game for 4 thousand hours? Can you guess how many times I’ve rebuilt? No, you cannot possibly understand my frustration.

I’m not even frustrated. I’m discontent.

All 4,000+ hours of my happiness, is erased as quickly as my base was. I should have never bought nor played this game in the first place. Total regret right now.

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