Boob Physics Still Broken on Xbox

Yeah, I’ve found that you just have to wait, forget about it, and eventually notice it was fixed and say, “well… ok.”

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The chances this would get acknowledged and fixed higher if you make a proper bug report with all these ‘how to reproduce’ and such.

I love this, I made a screenshot of the topic listings and circled this with a red marker as the “most critical bug of the hour” :smiley: :smiley: compared to all the others in the list


I can’t even play. I run around for about 60, maybe 90 seconds then bang! Right back to the dashboard to start all over. Never did this before the update. Now I can’t play at all!

I get the sense that you’re making fun of me. Lol!

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Hello there exiles!

Thank you for your reports on this!

In order for us to be able to accurately report this situation, would you kindly provide me with the information below:

  • Which Xbox model you’re currently playing on?
  • Does this happen every time you play or is it random?
  • Have you noticed this occurs only in the female body type or does it also apply to the male?
  • Would you be able to kindly provide any video demonstrating the point where the physics stop working as intended?

If the same is replicable on any other platform by any other Exile, please feel free to fill out a bug report for PlayStation or PC including the same information!


Wait :joy: Did you just get asked to post a video of your characters stiff boobs? :smiley:


Hey, this is serious business here, stiff boobs have been plaguing ps4/5 too and I too would love for this to finally be fixed.


It would appear that way! Lol! Hope I don’t get banned off Xbox!

Sure. I play on an Xbox One X, this happens every time, and as far as male vs female, I assume you’re asking if there’s a change in male physics, too? Not that I know of, but I’m not sure how I’d be able to tell boob physics on a man. As you can see in the video, death usually resets it, but like the original post says, doing just about anything besides walking makes everything stiff again.

Also, how do I provide video? I can’t embed or provide a link to the video…

Edit: This is the only way I could think of to provide a link to the video

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video, video, video

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seems acceptable to me

Rofl! Man, quit trolling!

My bad, not intended to troll just make some fun, my server (official 1977) is down since the update. I would be happy if i at least i could play even with freeze boobs Lol

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I gotcha. I was like there’s no way this person can’t see the difference - it’s gotta be a joke or troll!

But I feel you. I never really played on an official server. I only ever went on solo mode but I’m sure freeze boobs is much better than not getting to play at all. Hopefully Funcom gets you fixed and back up before long!

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i have to say thank you i have been searching the forums trying to find a solution for the single-player co-op crash when opening inventory on xbox one for past 3 days so i have been avoiding this topic and I get it you bought the game and possibly the dlc and expansion and you want it to work right and i know this post was made in all seriousness but thank you for humorous post

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I hope they get everything working right pretty quick. I know there are bigger bugs in the game than what I posted about. It’s a good game that deserves a smooth experience for its loyal fanbase. But I’m glad I was able to give you a laugh either way!

Hello there everyone!

Thank you for the uploaded file @BladeCrom, I will go ahead and report this situation through the appropriate channel.

Again, thank you for the report and for the chuckles!

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Here’s hoping it won’t turn into an “inappropriate” channel :joy:


He’s not alone in this bug/glitch/error!?
Same exact thing happens to me & I’m on Series X! Also worth mentioning is that it also happens to the male characters, their pecs don’t bounce and go completely stiff after doing anything like changing clothes, walking, running etc.
This is annoying as I remember the physics worked fine way back in the beta days!!
Please fix the chests for pete sake lol. But seriously!