Breast physics completely broken after Update 2.3

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So I know that fixing the buggy breast physics in the game are about as low on Funcom’s list of priorities as you can get, for obvious reasons, but after Update 2.3 they are now completely broken. Like department store mannequin broken. Takes all the fun out playing my female characters. Is this something that Funcom even cares enough to address?

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I hope so

So do I. I only really play female characters and broken physics of any kind, be it bosoms, hair, or clothing/armour, just deflates me :confused:

Full Nudity is broken too according to 2 other topics. Havnt had chance update myself… to much outside yard work I need to do… (need clean up HDD Space…)

This is most likely a bug. However, Sony has been going on a weird puritanical streak for the last few years, and censors stuff like this (unless you are Rockstar or CD-Projekt.) They have removed similar physics from Street Fighter V and some of the recent Dynasty Warriors games. Hopefully this wasn’t part of the certification requirements.

The Dynasty Warriors games that have Switch ports do have these physics enabled. We are currently in a weird timeline where Nintendo doesn’t care about this stuff, but Sony does.

I don’t own other versions of the game (Xbox, PC.) But if someone does please chime in.

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I only play single-player and the breast physics do still work there, until you either use the Orb of Nergal, or exit the game and relaunch.

Broken breast physics, full nudity gone, and on the German version too…

It’s the final signs of the apocalypse! The end is nigh! Run for your lives! :scream_cat:


The sarcasm is not lost on me. This is why I said that breast physics glitches are very low on Funcom’s list of priorities. Still, if nobody says anything at all, it obviously won’t get fixed.


So this is weird! While fiddling around with the admin functions I summoned the avatar of Mitra, and this caused the breast physics to reset afterward. No idea why, but it didn’t do that pre-update.

Obviously the god Mitra is a man of culture as well. :sunglasses:



(sorry, couldn’t resist)


I was assuming that was intentional. Also, I think all the gods are cultured, because I think it was the summoning transition that fixed things. So all you have to do to fix it is summon an avatar everytime you: launch the server, change clothes, use the Orb of Nergal, climb, sprint, fall from a great height, get knocked down by an enemy, use admin movement commands, sit on the wrong type of chair, trigger the AFK vanity camera, and I’m sure there are more, but I can’t remember them! So no big deal! It’s a small price to pay for bouncing bosoms!


I don’t think “intentional” is the right word for the act of summoning an avatar resetting breast physics. Or at least, not any more intentional than rebooting your computer can fix a wide variety of glitches and errors.

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I was referring to the use of the term “deflates me” when I said that I assumed it was intentional.


I finally had a chance to get on last night my female characters hair and other bouncing bits worked properly. I didn’t leave the base however had to check server settings update changed server to pve from pve-c. My wife’s ps4 was still downloading that’s around 12 hours crazy.

Same to my wife, her PS4 is connected with WiFi and it tooks 12hrs to go.

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But what do you want to play the video game or see breasts? We complain about everything friends hahaha


The wordplay was intentional, guys :sunglasses: Still though, legitimate opinion on my part. If it’s a part of the game and it’s buggy, I always prefer it to be fixed over permanently busted. These physics were a part of the game before, so I presume they were always intended. If they’re porked at this moment, hopefully they can be fixed at some point


Is it being looked into? Small but obvious bugs like these leaves a bad impression of the game when it does not get fixed promptly.

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  • By the way, when do you think island of siptah comes out for ps4? With the materials and even the slaves in 1-player mode with the panel. It’s funny, isn’t it?