Female physics still not working correctly after patch

Game mode: [ Single-player ]
Type of issue: [ Bug ]
Server type: [ PvE ]
Region: [ PEGI Version ]
Hardware: [ PS4 Vanilla ]

Bug Description:

As reported previously. Default sized female character. Doing any of the following instantly turns off the character physics except for the hair physics: Attacking, Kicking, Removing and Putting on armor. Now, however, changing the nudity options in any way will also instantly turn off the physics on female characters. In addition, further resets and reloads of the game will load the character with their physics turned off.

Expected Behavior:

I expect these physics to work correctly. It has been over a year since this behavior was first observed and it is still not corrected despite a number of patches. It is jarring and distracting to do be doing any number of activities and to immediately see my character become as still as a board for no reason where once their body reacted to motions correctly. Your attention is kindly appreciated.

Steps to Reproduce:

1. Removing and putting on armor
2. Kicking.
3. Attacking and dealing damage.
4. Being dealt damage from near any source.
5. Changing the nudity settings to any setting.
6. After an initial load of the game any subsequent restarts and reloads often now have the character begin the game with the physics turned off completely except for hair and some clothing physics.


I’m probably about to look foolish yet again but do you have analog drift? I do. I ask because maybe as you create character it moves slider just a hair or is this your already established character? Wanna help because I know this is so irritating. It’s also mind boggling that so many players experience such avast array of issues…FUN FACT: 2 yrs ago I was being chased across map by 2 headed boss croc while this affected no one else to my knowledge.

Supposedly, fixing full nudity (next patch? Idk). May be culprit, however, I doubt it.

Sigh. Thought this would get fixed with 2.4.

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None of my controllers exhibit any drift. I make them at default height and keep em that way. Though I hope if they go through and fix this that they also fix whatever causes non-default character sizes to experience not only physic issues but also texture problems. It is odd to me that a system so old now and with uniform specs still gives issues to developers. Or that developers haven’t cracked how to optimize everything yet on a system this old.

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Yh, didn’t figure you did but I’m always hoping for simple solutions. And yh, is confusing that this game still persist to have so many issues wiithin nearly every update. I don’t understand how relatively smaller issues can’t be fixed easily, even with prioritizing larger problems I would think that character customization/height slider, nudity, etc. could be corrected rather quickly.

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