Character Physics Stop Working Altogether

Game mode: [Single Player]
Type of issue: [Bug]
Server type: [All]
Region: [PEGI]
Hardware: [ PS4 (initial release version) ]

Bug Description:

Character physics stop working after any of the following: kicking, climbing, changing armor. In addition character physics stop working altogether after your third or fourth load-in into the game world. After this point character physics DO NOT return to normal operation even after reloading the game or restarting the console. This issue extends now to both male and female characters

Steps to Reproduce:

If your character is new this is very noticeable, if you have an older character you may not see it. If new simply load the character into the game world for the first time. You’ll notice the physics working properly. Step 1: kick OR 2. Climb or 3 take armor off and put back on. You will now notice your character physics are not responding. Step 4 after your 3rd of 4th log-in session into the game character physics STOP WORKING COMPLETELY. You will never again from that point forward even have character physics to work with. This is very noticeable on female characters specially on their chest.

  1. kick
    3.change armor
    4.load into the game world for the 3rd or 4th time. All of this manifests either online or offline no matter the server type.

Thank you for posting this yet again.

Now please Funcom, can you confirm that you received the bug report and not ignore the thread entirely? And of course start fixing the problem.

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Its been issue since day 1.
Its gone many tweaks and changes that have fixed “bug” part of it.

Not really a bug anymore, its console limitations and memory use. They will often turn back on in time.

Like many of topics before this… being near large amount of items, combat etc can turn body physics off. They’ll often turn on abit later. (same with clothes)

Following this issue myself. (reported on it many times in past) Don’t think there will ever be a “fix”, Just adjustments.

I guess they could always add a button in setting to force restart it…But… if game needs extra memory… it gonna turn them right off again. XD

That does not seem to be the issue. They fixed clothing physics and the hair physics seem to be unaltered. I have gone hours with the character physics working just fine as long as I didnt change armor, kick or climb. Problem is this time around they just stop working completely no matter how many restarts or reloads I attempt. Also other far more complex games on my vanilla PS4 have not sacrificed these sorts of details. It has been a forever issue but if they can fix the clothing physics to work with no issues they can address this as well. Not gonna make excuses for them.

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I think its just memory issue, And game is clearly trying to run stuff, and wont let it turn on to save resources.

I’ve changed clothes, kicked, climb and nothing… it stays on. And ya, Sometimes it turn off and stay off.
Much more frequent now, then it was before. I noticed Hair stays on more often, Along with clothes. I notice breast physics turn off all time, but will kick in later.

I’m playing via SSD with my Ps4 now, Maybe its helping. My bother on base Ps4, notices his clothes turn off all time.

I am also on an SSD and they’ve stayed off now with nothing turning them back on. I wonder if PS5 has this issue or PS4 Pro.

I’m actually on PS5 and also got the same problems as OP.

Thanks for the heads up on PS5. I think this may rule out a memory issue and point the finger at a programming issue. I know for sure the PS5 is more robust than a vanilla PS4 on memory. I hope they get around to fixing it soon for all consoles. It has been an ongoing issue since launch.

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You can try summoning your avatar of choice or remove the bracelet, that usually works for jump starting jiggle in single player.

I know I can force it upon death…but it is not a “fix” the second I change gear due to weather or kick or climb to fight or traverse terrain I am right back with no physics at all. I generally would not mind but after about a half hour it gets really distracting playing with characters that react like wooden planks to movement. It is more visually distracting not having them than to have them as it starts to look janky and unnatural. I wish they’d just fix it.

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Just adding further observations to the problem as stated in my report.

After further testing I have found the bug revolves around starting armor. Any of the initial 4 types of armor will effectively shut down character physics on a near permanent basis until the following conditions are met and then the physics can be turned off only during one certain other condition (climbing).

  1. Play until you can get at least a tier 3 armorer in your workbench. 2.Then craft Vanir type armor (any quality and type will do). Equip it, travel away from your base (workbench) for about 2 or 3 map grids. Suddenly, the physics began should be responsive again on your character. Taking armor on and off to any other type(including starting basics) kept them restored. 3. Alternatively, play normally for about a half hour in and around your base and switch to the aforementioned Vanir armor and the physics should come back online for your character. *Note that in both cases CLIMBING will turn them back off and you’ll have to repeat the described steps again to restore your physics. This affects both female and male characters. It is more noticeable on females, however.

However, the initially described error persists for the early game. Your physics will shut down and stay shut down as described in my initial report. Climbing still shuts down the physics also forcing you to do the above to restore them. I was able to replicate this on two different accounts. I hope the bug is addressed soon and that performance regarding this matter is resolved to normal as soon as possible.


I’m losing hope this will ever be fixed. I know alot of people find these kinds of bugs irrelevant. But for me who love character customization and really care about my characters looks it is a deal breaker. It just annoys me too much to enjoy the gaming session. Maybe says more about me than the bug itself…

I hate being the dramatic guy, but I’ll only check back here once in awhile to see if any work towards fixing the problem has been done. I can’t bring myself to play the game any longer in its current state, which is a shame since I love it so much. I just hope Funcom at least ack owledges the bug soon.

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I could be wrong but it sounds like the old height issue.

I would recommend checking your char height. if you choose anything other than default height (middle) there have always been issues with character physics at least on armor/clothing/ such I haven’t touched the height bar in char creation in… a long time.

I dont know if they fixed orb in online, but in my game its unusable, but back when it did work I tried changing my char height for a bit not only did it break char physics but it also caused the game to crash. if you can use it, Id recommend at least trying/checking to see if your char height is default and seeing if that helps. other wise you’ll have to make a new char with default height.

This could be a serpent issue but hope this helps.

Odd because one of the 2 previous patches fixed the clothing issue caused by non-standard character sizes. However, this issue with character physics has been in place even when character sizes were kept at default. I found the previously posted work around and my character is currently non-default size and they flicker on and off but they’re there. So I am hopeful this is fully addressed in the coming patches but I am not holding my breath. Already I have put up with broken physics for a long time.

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