Female Breast Physics Bug

Game mode: [Offline | Singleplayer]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [US]

Female breast physics break after getting knocked down by an NPC.

I have the breast size set to largest. The breast physics work great on a fresh load, but after a fight where the player is knocked down, the breast physics just stop working almost entirely. There is still slight movement, but no where near as much as before the knockdown. The only way I’ve found to reset/fix the problem is to exit to the main menu and then load back in, but as soon as you’re knocked down, the physics will break again.

My first thought is the knockdown animation is male only. When the knockdown plays for a female, it resets the female animation set to male, breaking the breast physics. That’s just my guess though.

EDIT: A couple other things break breast physics also. Sitting in a chair or on a bench, and changing torso apparel. Even just un-equipping or equipping a torso item breaks the physics.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Play as a female character.
  2. Get into a fight with a NPC.
  3. Allow that NPC to knock you down with a power attack.
  4. Observe the breast movement while running.

I’ve noticed this, although it used to be that just playing for a few minutes broke the physics. After the most recent update, the physics are not breaking, but there is much more movement when I’m in my base vs when I am anywhere else in the world.

Those three things I mentioned are pretty much guaranteed to break the physics, at least in my experience. I have had it break from just playing the game for a while though, like you said.

I’ve never played a game where physics just break like this. Maybe the devs will get it straightened out soon.

Look… I know breast physics isn’t a big deal, but it’s a part of the game that’s bugged and should be fixed. Don’t come in here and try to start a fuss over a bug report. Go bother someone else.

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The male characters have “pectoral” physics as well and it breaks just like it does with female characters. So I also feel it’s one of many game features that doesn’t work like it s supposed to.

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I didn’t know that, haven’t played as a male yet. Thanks for the info.

It’s weird that body physics break so easily but wind physics work perfectly. :confused:

It’s hilarious that the breast physics are something to complain about.



I’m so glad I could amuse you. sarcasm

Also, no one’s complaining. It’s a bug report… nothing more. That’s why it’s posted in the Bugs forum and not in General.


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