Congrats, now you destroyed the game absolutly

Bruh you haven’t even elaborated what the bug is. What do you hope to gain from this?


Hehe… it’s currently kinda true though tbh, game is absolutely busted on console all the players I know their bases and thralls are invisible, that classifies as unplayable


Okay so why not just put that detail into a bug report instead of just commenting “it busted” and expect people to know what you’re talking about?

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because should not ONE of the fc or tencent employees had launched the game in his console and state the obvious? XD

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Us with armour too


I’m not playing this game until they fix this . I’m on a PS5 update should have fixed all the bugs they have and optimized it

Bug Description:

Various building pieces/props/furniture/armor textures no longer visible. Walking on air with decoraive items that do spawn in floating on top of invisible furniture types across ALL DLC content.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Download new Update (PS4
  2. Close Application
  3. Shut down )not restart) PS4 for 30 seconds, then start PS4
  4. Log into PS4 online and selected PVE Private Server (mine)
  5. Log into game
  6. Enjoy the complete buffoonery that is the Alpha and Beta testing that apparently goes on at FC and try and figure out how to navigate this atrocity

I am paying to host a private server. I have prepaid to host this game for another 6 months. “We are investigating” is an excuse. What is the estimated time before this issue is resolved? I am wasting money hosting a server that is unplayable for my community! With this many issues, a roll back is the most time effective way to address this issue to maximize playability and minimize inconvenience.


This one sympathizes.
So many bugs it is hard to list them all.
Perhaps list what is working without a hitch to at least narrow it down a bit?

This one jests… But barely.

The above list in official format is an excellent start.

After Siptah there were a lot of bugs like this, but they disappeared after a couple of server resets. Took one or two days. Am I the only person who remembers this? People went nuts but then it passed really quickly.

Maybe someone could fire up a single player game and see if it’s the same. I’m at work.

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Nope I remember it as well. That’s why I’m taking it in stride. Seriously I’m really starting to wonder if folks understand it’s a game. 1 day…that’s a cake walk. However I will say I feel for those in pvp now that they base is exposed to see all that is inside.

Same in single player.

This one even dug out the PS4 and found (after an absurd download period) they are fairly close in stability and load times. Which leaves this one to scratch their heads.

No DLC content showing in a few hrs had to relog 10 times for game freeze everytime I look at menu screen, logged in 1st up to a purge, dealing with destruction of game and a purge very stressful, not fun at all funcom

I have no arms or legs for fs

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At this point I think they need to rollback to previous version. However even that would require Sony certification, which means, that this could happen only by next Tuesday earliest.


Greetings everyone!
Thank you for reporting this issue regarding invisible items and structures in the current version of our game.

Our team is already investigating all the bugs that you’ve submited, alongside those of other players as well, as we speak!
Please keep an eye on our forum for further details and announcements.

Thank you for reaching out to us dear players!

It is the same on single player game.

Missing graphics, textures are now on LOW RES, disappearing workstations, terrible frame rates and texture loading. Trees without textures, character without legs and health bar. Enemies not attacking (yep), missing option on PS4 for Quality/Performance on Graphics. Some settings from Admin were reset.