PS4 - Impossible to play

Platform: PlayStation 4
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Single Player

  • Some workstations are now invisible (ex: aquilonian)
  • Some armors are now invisible (specially helmets)
  • My character has no legs in game and on menu
  • Enemies do not attack me
  • All trees have no leeves now
  • Textures take a long time to load
  • Game is in LOW RES now
  • Game takes 3x more time to load
  • Framerates on the level of a powerpoint animation
  • No “Performance/Quality” option on Graphics menu anymore
  • Some settings were reset (Purge, Nude, Armor decay, etc).
  • My character has no health bar displayed

All this after 2 hours of gameplay after installing patch.

Game is UNPLAYABLE atm.

Do you even have a Quality/Test team???

Greetings Draltar!
Thank you for detailed report about your game, regarding invisible items/structures, framerates, settings, etc.

Our team is currently investigating these issues, as we speak.

Specially addressing the enemies not attacking you, it is possible that happens due to connection issues. Are you using WiFi or a LAN connection?

Additionally, is the server, where you’re playing, in the same/close to the region in which you live in?

Thank you in advance!

LAN connection.

Offline mode.

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