Terrain missing its graphic

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Noticed this hole when was planning to build some sorc stuff in temple basement

tried to build it over

but it seems there are invisible terrain there and its this piece thats missing its graphics

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The issue is with the terrain exclusion code for the patch. Specifically, just as grass will no longer poke through building pieces, so, in this case, terrain is being removed that acted as an anchor for the building pieces.

Video below. Please understand the last comment is directed toward the folks who decided testing in the live game was fine. It’s not, but that ain’t the fault of the Devs.

Video showing Terrain Being de-rendered

Yeah, couple others on 1022 are having same issues, it seems that its quite common occurance… oh well. I played on test live but didnt manage to build anything bigger.

I have similar problem at my base by the lakes near Sepermeru on 1013, and made a video showing the problem with de-rendered rocks, hopefully this get fixed soon, it is so annoying :slight_smile:

Greeting players!
Thank you for reporting this issue regarding the game textures and missing terrain.

Our team is already investigating it as we speak!
Keep an eye on our forum for further details and announcements.

Thank you for reaching out to us dear players!

I wonder if its connected to my other bug report?


Have had the same thing happen with a rock near the summoning place, it is “there” but not visible. I can’t walk through the gap left between my wall and a canyon wall which indicates the terrain piece is still there. I can’t post screenshots since I am “new” but it’s just south of the summoning place. Honestly, feel free to just remove that rock so I can build a bigger/longer wall in that gap lol.

it seems that this is fairly common problem. You can see the rocks from afar, but when getting closer, they disappear.

here some picture series shows when rocks disappear

Uploading: dissappering rocks 3.JPG…

Yay, its fixed

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