Chests and benches lost stability and are gone

Hi everyone,

Yesterday moved my chests to a new big base I built with T3 and 6 hours after I logged off, almost all the chests and benches lost stability and were gone (I see it in the event log). They were all placed on the floor with a stability of 40-100. The base itself was not affected. The decay timer also couldn’t be the case because the base is big 1000+ pieces and I visit it regularly. It’s an official PVE server 1502.

Did anyone experience this? Any advice? Thanks.

Did you have moved the chests? Sometimes if the server crashes placables go back to the place from where you move it. If there is no foundation then they just disappear.

Yes, I moved most of them and removed the ceiling they were on.
So this looks like my case. I guess the workaround is to never move placeables from the place you are removing? Do you think there Is something Funcom can help to retrieve what was lost because it clearly looks like a bug in the game.

Yes I think that’s the best. I don’t use it or I wait until server restart before I remove the old foundations or if it’s not possible I leave them empty for a day.

Unfortunately there is no chance to get stuff back if you are playing on official servers.

Hello everyone!

Thank you for reporting this issue and thank you @ConanBoDk for the workaround :smile:

@dvel could you please make another post using the given bug report template? This template has most of the information we need to investigate these reports and makes the procedure a lot quicker for everyone!

You can see it here: NEW Bug Report Template

Thanks in advance!