Black Ice Arrows are Worse than Hardened Steel Arrows

First Reported May 23, 2023 - No acknowledgement for Dev review:

DeSiGn ChOiCe :person_cartwheeling: :joy:

Same with the black ice 1 handed axe. Less damage output than the hardened steel version

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All black ice weapons are worse than their required hardened steel components. Not sure why devs thought this was a good idea but it was a deliberate choice that was pointed out during test and upheld upon release.

Obsidian is also not nearly worth the trek, the dungeon completion, and then fight every time you need to use the forge.

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Doesn’t black ice have a secondary cooling effect? That may account for the lessened damage as a way to balance against a weapon w/no secondary effects.

They inflict frostbite, yes.
Could be useful in PvP, not in PvE.
The effect is NOT present on Black Ice Arrows however :clown_face:


We mucked them all up with icky black ice. It’s our own dumbass fault and now we need to pay the price apparently. :roll_eyes: /s


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