Black Ice Arrows are worse than the Hardened steel arrows used to craft them

Game mode (Singleplayer)
Game type (PvE)
TestLive client (Steam, Age of War)

Issue: Black ice arrows have 15 dam, 14 pen. Hardened steel arrows have 17 dam, 17 pen. Hardened steel arrows are used to make black ice arrows. If there was a secondary effect or even 5-10% more armor pen it might make sense. I did check the frost forge and it still requires hardened steel arrows to make these arrows. Not sure if this is intentional or an oversight so bug?

Steps to replicate:

  1. acquire a hardened steel arrow and some black ice
  2. fight your way through the frost temple, almost freeze to death, lose a thrall or two
  3. arrive at the frost forge and craft yourself a black ice arrow (It is a 1:1 ratio)
  4. observe your overall worse arrow
  5. cry

This is part of a larger issue. Telith’s Sorrow has also had its stats strangely reduced. It is now worse than Acheronian Two-Handed Sword, despite being more expensive to craft and also requires completing a dungeon to learn. Telith’s Sorrow is even worse than the Hardened Steel Two-Handed Sword now. I’m assuming (and hoping) it’s an accidental oversight. There may be more than just these two items having inappropriate stat changes in the beta.


All the black ice weapons become worse than hardened steel weapons you use to make them. This has to be a bug.


I am hoping that all ‘origin’ items and weapons (that is, things that become materials to other items) will, by the end of all the Chapters, have been cleaned up so that what you have reported here @forkyeah, are sorted out. There are a couple of other ‘exploitables’ like this out there.

This could be a similar “switcheroo” where the weapons have their stats swapped. There were some battlepass items in the previous age (I think there still might be) where the “cheap” version required epic mats and the epic version required normal mats. I just forgot what those were called…

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Yes, this is something I noticed as well. Black Ice in general is much worse than Hardened Steel.

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