Black ice arrows problem

to craft black ice arrow, you need to go to frozen temple with a gear able to resist extreme cold and kill blue giant to access forge.

black ice weapons recipe can only be unlocked at level 55 (if i remember well) in going to frozen temple

Black ice arrows that you can forge at the frozen temple forge require as material to be crafted : black ice and hardened arrow.

problem is hardened arrow stats is that

Capture d’écran 2023-06-07 120421

and after this long and dangerous travel to frozen temple, waiting for the black ice arrow to craft you obtain that

Capture d’écran 2023-06-07 120455

so something which worst stat than the material needed to craft it.

it show also the general problem done in balance of weapons for black ice weapons/obsidians weapons/ khari weapons in regards of other craftable weapons with material more easier to acquire to craft

khari is a very difficult ressource to farm in the most dangerous dungeon, obsidian need to go to far away and extreme temperature hot area and wait long time to smelt obsidians, black ice need to go far way and in an extreme cold area and wait for your stuffs to be crafted outside your base in dangerous area.


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