Black ice War Axe repair

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So been awhile since I was at the frost smitty, noticed the really cool war Axe. So I made one. Awesome weapon!.
But… It requires a Hardened steel Axe to repair all the time?
Was this intended or a bug?

I’m not sure, but the advanced religious tools that require lower tier items to craft also require the lower tier versions to repair.

It’s really weird if it is intentional, but I kind of assume it is based on the bloodletter/other religions tools.

I’m sure it could be changed though, because you don’t need fragments of power to repair fragment recipe items.

I’ve used a ton of black ice weapons, but only given them to thralls so I’ve not needed to fix any before

Judging from the rest of the items that you can craft at the Frost Temple Smithy, it is as intended. A Black Ice Shield requires a hardened steel shield to repair, black ice sword, requires a hardened steel sword and so on. The Black Ice stuff is pretty darn good stuff and having to use a hardened steel item to repair them isn’t a big deal once you get strong enough and have played enough to be able to get into the Frost Temple and make the stuff.

Also, it doesn’t require a brand new hardened steel item to repair. Any dropped hardened steel item from an enemy or loot will work. So save a couple of each from drops in a chest next to the respective bench. Same thing for crafting, it doesn’t require a full strength hardened steel item to craft a black ice item.

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Interesting. The many years I have played I have ever only used the Black Ice picks. Only ever needed black ice & hardened steel bar to repair.

There has been a patch in the past once, where all weapons required itself to be repaired. This was not intended and got fixed by Funcom.

So I guess this is still an oversight of an old bug.

Use a legendary weapon repair kit. Problem solved


Especially in exile lands that either legendary repairs or named blacksmiths are almost pop corn, plus my fellow exile @Shaolindruid black ice picks are no better than hardened steel picks, so other than decorative or fancy pick are mostly useless :man_shrugging:, unfortunately.
Black blood, no other pick, except if you play pvp, star metal is then a good option.

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