Black ice Weapons

Is it perhaps possible to see the Black Ice weapons fleshed out? I mean, they are sorta acceptable right now, but would it be possible to get the same level of Variety in the weapons as the Other tiers of weapons? Greatsword, Battleaxe, pike/spear, black ice hatchet. Maybe Black Ice Bow and Arrows? I mean, you have almost everything in the Black Ice category except those items I’ve listed above.

There is a mod in the workshop that brings the Rest of the Black Ice weapons in, the description even states “This adds the scraped black ice weapons like hammer, shield, spear etc”, just wondering why these didn’t make the cut, and if there is a chance to get them into the game at a later date.

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Black Ice isn’t the only Tier with missing item types. Acheronian, both tools and weapons, obsidian weapons, star metal, dragonbone, and the Deathbringer Axe.

With the exception of the latter, all the rest are missing on purpose I think. Not sure if it’s due to lore or mistake. But I understand that it favors variety, because with 5 tiers at lv 60 to choose from, if all of them had all item types 4 would be obsolete because everyone will only be crafting the one with most damage.