Black Ice Recipes have changed, repairing requirement is stupid! Videolink with Timestamps inside


Hey guys, in case you haven’t been to the Frost Temple Smithy yet on the Testlive servers I wanted to warn you, because the crafting recipes have changed.

You should now bring insulated wood for Black Ice Javelins and Throwing Axe Handles for Black Ice Throwing Axes. That seems alright.

To craft a Black Ice Sword you now need to bring a Hardened Steel Sword (2 if you want to craft both Black Ice Swords).

For the Black Ice Pick you need to bring a Hardened Steel Pick.

Here is a video (Timestamp) of the Frost Temple Smithy and the recipes:

The material needed to repair the Black Ice Pick is ridiculous though (Timestamp link):

If you are interested to see how hard/easy it is to fight the Frost Giants with the combat update and to have a walkthrough through the Frost Temple, you would want to watch this timestamp (almost no bow usage):

I hope and must assume that the repairing requirement for Black Ice Tools is a bug that will be fixed.

Have a nice day, MoosGamesTV


Oh it’s a pitty😢I missed day six of your live streams. Thank you very much for the informations👍


You’re welcome. There will (hopefully) be many more days to come. :slight_smile:

I just realized my post looks pretty weird with seemingly 3x the same video posted, I should probably make the links in a different way next time. It’s all individual timestamps though.