Black ice suggestion

i recently learned how to black ice craft, love the dungeon as well <3

but i was disapointed in the limitation of its use. mining pick, shorter life span than hardened steel, javelin, 5throwing axe, 1 handed swords and buiulding wich are now softer than t3…

my question is : would it be possible to implement armor pieces made from black ice because of the look it has?

Wait, what’s this? Black ice buildings are weaker now? Don’t remember seeing that anywhere in the patch notes.

Could you make a bug report to indicate what buildings are weaker. I’m not seeing this in the dev kit.

Wasn’t me that said it. It was WanderingJarlPuncher that mentioned it.

I have no idea if this is actually the case or not, but I’d definitely like confirmation if it is. With all the other changes and interactions with those changes, foreseen and unforeseen, I’m just not sure what to think about it at the moment.

I didn’t look at them all, but the HP values for black ice is identical to T3 reinforced, and its the same as always. I’m going to consider this a false rumor until a bug report is written on it with in-depth detail.


next purge i will be able to tell you. but durability wise black ice tools break faster than hardened ones
upgraded black ice mining pick = 270 durability
upgraded hardened zteel mining pick 450 durability

Just checked the HP of one of my Black Ice bases on an unmodded Official, and everything looks the same as before. Foundations have 100K hp, walls and stairs, 70K, etc. My guess is the OP was unclear in what they were trying to convey and we all misunderstood what they’re getting at.

Actually I think what might be happening at this point is that the OP was hit by a purge and his Black Ice base got trampled. So he figured Black Ice must be weaker than other T3 structures now, not realizing that the purges went through a bunch of changes that may have had an effect and Black Ice is still just the same as the other T3 structures.

i live on F4 2nd to 3rd waterfall so…

That location is just on the borderline of the Scorpion type purge. Having been hit by those a couple times, it only takes a minute or two for the boss scorpion to reduce T3 structures to rubble (T1 it just bursts thru like the Kool Aid Man). Also, on my server that area is rather populous. If a nearby base got purged, it’s possible they could have attacked the OP’s while en route.

Anyway, unless some hard proof (and better-communicated) is forthcoming, I’m not inclined to spend any more time pondering this…

i have not seen a single scoprion only humans.

there is armor based on black ice already. it’s called silent legion.

is there and light version?

not to my knowledge but would be cool huh?

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