Meeting complaints with nerfs

People complained that stonebrick T3 was too expensive relative to black ice T3 so they nerfed black ice to be more expensive :joy:

Maybe next time everybody should just keep their mouth shut because we’re dealing with one of “those” kind of companies :joy:

I don’t think it’s a bad nerf. Black ice structures were a bit easy to get. Personally I would ask them to nerf explosive orbs since those are super easy to get and break through your defenses.


you know the best part about the black ice “fix”? they also broke t2.

yu need insulated wood to make t2 insulated buildings but you cant learn the fluid press to make the oil until several levels after learning t2 buildings, not sure how Funcom QA team missed that (oh wait they dont have a QA team)


I cannot finish my house because I am one level too low to building a fluid press. Sucks that a several whinny people have to mess it up for lower level players.

At this point I will just wait until level 30 for T3. They might as well just removed t2 Treated Wood Blocks. Or lower the level so it’s possible to you know… build the blocks when T2 is unlocked.

Maybe they shoulda added the extra material cost at T3 instead of T2

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Im not angry with the nerf at all. Despite all the complains on how “hard” is to farm bark in the end you could see black ice buildings all over the map( not only in the north ) =)

Perhaps I’m missing something. Or perhaps this update has not hit console yet… But, resin is used to make insulated wood, not oil. And resin is gained from a dryer (lvl 19) or any tree north of the great Wall.

Hasn’t made it to console yet so build up while you can for 2 less mats lol

It’s starting to feel like nobody at funcom plays there own game.


It hasn’t hit counsel yet it sounds like… Basically it now takes oil AND resin to make insulated wood.

Good to know. Thanks. Can someone post a screen of recipes changed so I know what to expect? Not sure if this forum has private message.