Black-ice T3 is too easy and cheap to make

Compared to t3 brick, blackice T3 is too cheap and quick to make, should be the same effort for all t3 , its extremely rare that you see a T3 brick base because you can build litterally 1000’s of blackice T3 from one single blackice farming run.
In general there is very much imbalance in this app,
and please finally turn on Battleeye for real.


YEP so t3 bricks should be less costly to make (timewise)
Just to have some balance. Blackice walls are about the right amount of effort to make
Reinforced stone should be a bit cheaper to be like a somewhat equal effort.


I think the t4 smelters should give some other benefit in this regard.
Other speeding up the process they should half the materials for stone bricks.
It easy enough to harden them but to carry 2000 stone to make 20 bricks seems a bit much to me.


mate. if you want to build a black ice base ANYWHERE that isnt in the snowy area you are gonna be in pain. whereas you can build t3 brick nearly everywhere since the resources are much more abundant and easily gathered. (only a 5min walk from the svannah to the highlands to get resin)

i know what im talking about, if you dont believe me:
check the share your shelter thread in the fanworks section

Once you are able to craft Map Rooms, it hardly becomes a pain, especially with the amount of Black Ice I get with one farming run.
One near a Black Ice location and one at your base and you’re set.

I’m near The Black Gallon and almost my whole base is made out of Black Ice, partly because it is so damn easy to farm and craft it.
The part that isn’t made out of BI is because I like the look of the Sandstone and Wood for its purpose better (Public Map Room + Bar, etc.).

Yeah, we have been talking about it in the FuryOfConan communety. There seams to be a unbalance in the cost.

Black Ice structures have the same health as Hardened Brick counterparts, but they give much less exp. Hardened brick version gives 3 to 4 times higher exp. But dunno if making 3-4 Black Ice structure of the same type is still easier than the hardened brick version.

luckily i still have 25k of black ice buildables in storage 'ncase they increase the costs

I just tried making black ice structures today, and damn, it’s so damn easy especially when living near the snow biome, steel can just raid the npc camps and they drop a lot lof steels, while insulated wood is also easy using pickaxe.

Material cost vs exp gained is probably more or less the same though, making 3 or 4 black ice structures would need more steel bars and insulated woods than making the brick counterpart for the same amount of exp.


Put a 10x10 outpost near the Temple of Frost. Insert a maproom. Put a couple storage boxes put some yellow lotus potions in them. Bring a few hardened steel picks with you.

Go to the Temple of Frost and kill all the Frost Giants. Use the Smithy in the Temple. Use Yellow Lotus Potion and put 50 into encumbrance, whatever points are left do whatever you want. Then take your 3 or more picks and harvest every single black ice node in the Temple.

50 encumbrance means you can literally carry the entire exile lands if you wanted.

After you’re done with all the black ice in the Temple, go outside and harvest the black ice nodes outside. Go back to your maproom and then teleport to the closest obelisk to your base.

Now, here’s the beauty of this! Wait a couple ingame days and then…just teleport to the obelisk by the Temple of Frost and do it all over again.

You’ll have more black ice than you’ll ever know what to do with, so even if you’re on a PvP server and someone takes out your maproom by the Temple, you should be set and all you’re really losing is 200 demon blood, 75 gold and 75/150 silver. All three of those are pretty easily farmed.

This is simply false. You don’t get anymore more exp from crafting the actual building pieces. While making all of the damn parts to make the building, yes you’re getting slightly more exp, but not even close to the amount you’d get by saving all that time and making insulated stuff.
Further more, It cost 1 dry wood and 1 resin to make 1 insulated wood with no thrall. It cost 5 wood to make a shaped wood with a t4 carpenter. The steel you use and the amount of shaped wood you use compared to insulated is the same across everything. The problem is making the shaped wood is much more mats than insulated. Then on top of that you have to make hardened brick. You need to get brick to make them, you need 10 stone to make 1 brick. So for every t3 stone structure you need 100 stone, 10 brimstone and twine, 70 wood, and 8 steel bars. T3 black ice? 5 black ice, 7 dry wood 7 resin, 8 steel bars. They don’t add up. its dumb.

Yeah I agree I prefer the reinforce stone look but use black ice cause it’s so much easier to make

I am taking Black Ice foundation and brick foundation for example.

14546 exp for RSF (Reinforced Stone Foundation)
3545 exp for BIRWF (Black Ice Reinforced Wooden Foundation)
4.1 BIRWF = 1 RSF.

  • 4 BIRWF = 20 Black Ice, 16 Insulated Wood, 12 Steel Reinforcement for getting 4x3545 exp. In total with materials 16x6 + 12x500 = 20276 exp. (not including making the extra steel 244 exp per piece, 42 for steelfire, Iron 9)
  • 1 RSF = 15 Hardened Brick, 4 Shaped Wood, 3 Steel Reinforcement for getting 14546 exp. In total with materials 15x518 + 4x28 + 3x500 = 9294 + 14546 = 23928 exp (not including making the consolidant 157 exp per piece, brick 28)

I said more or less the same, and based it on EXP gained. I won’t be comparing the amount of time for harvesting the basic mats though. I do get exp from crafting the actual building pieces (craft from crafting menu, not from hotbar which is bugged), and for black ice for getting “more or less the same exp” needs extra steel, and getting steel needs to harvest a lot of ironstones or spend time to raid npc camp, so I said more or less the same, because who would actually compare everything. How is it false ?

So if I aim for exp and I dont need to build a base too big I’d go with Hardened Brick, but if I make huge building I’d go with Black Ice.

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That is a nice illustration of the xp gain. Now try doing this for how much time it takes to build one or other, when you have to craft all the brick an steel.

I think that is where the difference really is, for what is essentially a visual difference. There might be some better cold protection in black ice maybe?

it does say it is insulated but i have no way to be sure whatsoever :stuck_out_tongue: im getting the “extremely cold” when wearing silent legion armor in my black ice base (isnt finished so there are parts without roof this ofc impacts the temperatures). i do have 50points in emcumberance and the rest in vitality tho.

anyway, black ice is better looking in the snowy areas thats for sure, t3 brick is better looking in the highlands. (Even tho i build my structures there in black ice cause ghats the style i wanted to go with).

anyway the thing with black ice structures in the north isnt the black ice… its the brimstone. Ofcourse you can farm asarath for steel but its tedious… The easiest way for sure is the spidercave in the middle of the map, as it is the easiest to farm brimstone in (on average i get twice the brim there in comparison with the pools).

Those trips are the time consumimg ones. Iron is found aplenty in the highlands and around the 3 towers. (east of 3 towers and north of teliths island are actually very very huge deposits)

I think T3 Blackice is easier to make because of the climate its located in. I may be wrong but it seems as if the game rewards you for being able to overcome obstacles like Frostbite, Avalances and Frost Giants located in the area that you farm black ice. They have the right direction but it needs to be harder/more dangerous to farm otherwise we overcome it and make it easy

In short. they underestimate our farmers

Less effort to build = less hp
That’s how proper balancing should work.

So, nerf T3 black ice structures

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but black ice gives warmth bonus and stone gives cooling bonus.

IMO, you can get up there and farm the nice with ease. Lvl 20 is the lowest I’ve gone up and pushed into getting black ice ready for lvl 30.

That’s NOT really my point. I didn’t even say anything about temperature. You’re seriously saying my statement is false based on temperature now ??? :man_facepalming: