Black-ice T3 is too easy and cheap to make

Oh im sorry, you did provide evidence that it does give you more exp. I wasn’t saying you were wrong (this time :P) My point is that if you want to build somewhere, say the volcano, or anywhere hot, you should be building in Stone, But its much easier to craft Black ice. It shouldn’t be off balance like that.

Just want to note that it’s not just that Black Ice is easier to make - insulated wood is also distressingly easier to make than reinforced stone, and for no real cost outside of aesthetics.

The game is badly in need of a balance pass to address the huge difference in time investment between the different building styles. I see way too many insulated wood and black ice structures and it’s a huge waste considering how aesthetically pleasing the T2 and T3 stone structures can be (triply so now that the Khitan building pieces are out and use the reinforced stone recipes).

If they would INCREASE black ice structure cost they would done something WRONG.
They should DECREASE stone per bricks cost and equalize the shaped wood (time/quantity) with insulated wood.

So ppl could have the same amount of building piece roughly at the same amount of time as what they have with blackice.

Just try to make 1000 foundations from reinforced stonebrick and 1000 foundations from blackice.
the first takes at least 3 times longer.
That’S why mostly you can see black ice structures.
Creating shaped wood is a chore (one wooden log should give you multiple shaped wood not the other way around)
Creating hardened brick is a chore too you need a ton of stone + ichor + twine to create some hardened brick and it takes too much time in the furnace.

On the other hand you get 1:1 insulated wood out of 1 drywood (= 1/2 normal wood) and you can grab blackice like nobody’s business on farming spec 22k in one go to the temple afaik.

NEVER checked but steel reinforcements should be the same quantity for each kind of the same tier.

So a massive ease to creating shaped wood and bricks/hardened bricks would solve the “black-ice” problem.
ESPECIALLY IF Blackice would degrade over time in hot environment. :smiley:
No one would use that ugly ■■■■.

shaped wood costs are fine tho, the stone bricks are fine too, its the hardened stone bricks that are the problem, the ratio should be 1:1 …