Black Ice building still too cheap and also what about Temp?

Are we ever going to get a temperature pass again on building materials as now the temp seems like nothing as does the weather. All you see now is B I Buildings as they are still easier and their is no reason not to build them aside from looks.

I agree that building insulation is on a bit over the edge
I mean it’s way too much

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It also doesn’t make sense to have it in hot or warm areas as it should overheat anyone inside or around it.

Now we should nerf building pieces as well… Omg


If you have 2 supermarkets in your town and supermarket B offers better looking milk bottles, but is 5km further away than supermarket A, will you ever go to supermarket B?

If you really insist on better looks, you will go to B, but if you don’t care, A will always be the option.

Eventually, people living in the same house like you that always take supermarket A will be more efficient.

Maybe one of the reason supermarket A exists… Why shut it down? Just to be satisfied that all milks r of supermarket B?

Also got to respect that all people do not live in the same house… There is something called communitty and some go for looks , while other go for price…


And here we go again. You see nerf only as destruction of items. Stop thinking like that.

On EL black ice is really not hard to get. Usually 1 trip to the frost temple and you are set for your base.

What about introducing black ice bricks, that need to be crafted from 10 (5? 2? 1?) BI and 1 stone consolidant.

Hardened bricks are basically the same, just 1 more transformation step (10 Stone → 1 Brick → 1 Hardened Brick). That’s fine since you need to convert wood into dry wood first for insulated wood. This would even out the process of creating T3 building pieces, if the crafting times are about the same.

We had this discussion in the past already. FC already increased the BI amount needed per building piece. They also tried to put oil into the BI building piece crafting process but made a mistake with the progression system, which made them revert this change again.

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I’m not one to agree with nerfs, matter of fact I hate them but in this instance I agree. Every other t3 requires farming stone, cooking to brick, farming resin and plant fibre to make consolidant than cooking to hardened brick. While this in itself is not a difficult process why go to the effort of 5 steps when you whack a node with a pick and get black ice. It’s defiantly unbalanced and should be looked at imo.


Whilst stone is? With new mechanics on benches the same steps needed for stone on all other building styles is required for black ice in wood instead of stone… So why nerf it?

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That is the beauty of versatility… of u want efficiency go with the efficient way, if u want looks , go the other way… Why all have to be flat? Why all have to be the same?

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Their called opinions. You have yours I have mine :man_shrugging:

I agree with opinions…
But strongly stand with options as well… I may want the easy way or the hard way… it is always great to have the option


The option to have a cheap t3 building, especially in pvp is, well, cheap. The step from t2 to t3 should be meaningful. Hardened brick is not required for any t2 buildings but insulated wood is. Black ice buildings should be t2. Change steel reinforcement to iron reinforcement and it’s much more balanced and starts to make sense.


For one T3 stone foundation you need 15 hardened bricks, which are 150 stone and a crafting time of 6:15 minutes in total. Add 4 shaped wood (thats 40 wood with 40 seconds crafting time). Steel reinforcements are used the same amount for both BI and T3 stone.

For one T3 black ice foundation you need 15 black ice and 6 insulated wood, which has a total crafting time of 240 seconds.

So in total you need 8:15 minutes for a T3 stone foundation vs 4 minutes for a black ice foundation (without the craft time needed for steel reinforcements, since the same amount is used for both).

8:15 is obviously a higher number than 4:00

Add this up if you need at least 5000 foundation for a decent PvP base (dagons embrace/watchers).

if ur problem is time , u may consider playing another game…
or do the efficient way

Lol dude. He is explaining why it’s unbalanced not that time is an issue :man_facepalming: Why can’t ppl just agree to disagree in here instead of trying to force issues to try and sway opinions. If you don’t agree you don’t have to let the devs decide.

that is why it will be good when the build cap will hit lives… cause no half map spammed with foundations for god protections will be available anymore…

5k foundations don’t include any landclaim spam. You need WAY more then.

unbalanced for u that want everything flat…
i could understand the argument IF black ice was not vanilla game so all did not had access to it… that is why i told he can choose(can have options)…
ALL can build black ice … a solution would be to BUFF t3 stone vanilla builds on par with black ice, and not nerf Black ice…

How do you suggest they buff?? Make them t4?