Reduce brick and harden brick cost

50% or higher. The reason is for balancing issue.

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Personally I think bricks are way too cheep in the game. I would buff the costs at least x4 times to make the game more balanced!

Black Ice is cheaper. Reduce the cost of bricks.


How the hell you think hardened brick is too cheap. Are you out of your mind. I love the reinforce brick look but suffer with black ice because of how easy it is compared to brick. To make brick I have to farm an insane amount of stone then cook it the have icor and fiber for consolidate then cook that then cook that with brick to make hardened brick then use 15 of those per one foundation. I can make a hundred black ice foundations in the time you make 10 hardened brick. And way easier than hardened brick. And you say it’s balanced your out of your mind.


Cheap in the sense that the mats are easy to acquire. Sure, it takes a longer time but that doesn’t mean it’s an inconvenience for players!

You have it backwards


Um… Is that sarcasm? That’s sarcasm right? Because last I checked, in the case of rebuilding stuff, time matters especially on PvP… (What would you prefer, the walls that use easy to get materials but take forever to make, or an equivalent that is a little riskier to get but when you’re skilled enough to get it is much faster to acquire and build… )

I mean when it comes to patching up walls before the next attack I’d tend to think faster is better… Am I wrong in that line of thinking?

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They should both make hardened bricks slightly faster to make and black ice harder to craft. Neither is in a perfect spot so the simple thing would be to change them both. For black ice i would suggest making a sub material like they plan to do with obsidian. for bricks simply cut the time down.


increase the cost of black ice instead. as it is now its just waaaay too easy.

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Bricks and HBricks are cheap to make, cant see the issue.

Black Ice however is far too cheap.

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Its just annoying and time consuming. Go out and hit rocks for 15 minutes. Get 20,000. Bring em back and cook em for 15 minutes. Wind up with 2000 brick which you then have to cook again with consolidant. Again more time. Not to mention the time it takes to make all the twine to make the consolidant. You wanna build anything large with reinforced stone the amount of time it winds up taking is a bit ridiculous. Just made 20k hardened brick. I will blow through it twice as fast as I would using black ice because the cost to craft the items are double in most cases at least. I could just go grab 20k of black ice in 15 minutes and just use it. No processing necessary. You have to do 10 full inventory runs of stone to get 20k bricks. Then cook them again. I’m just sick of looking at black ice.

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Would be nice if they just gave materials bonus to smelters and tanners… would solve the issue in a way the gels with the rest of the game.

Seems kinda silly that they don’t already… and the “balance” argument for them not getting the bonus is a bit shaky, since carpenter gets bonuses for shaped wood, which is also 10 wood to make 1 “brick” of shaped wood without bonuses…


The issue is time cost… People are claiming that black ice stuff is FASTER to make and takes a smaller amount of TIME to build…

We don’t need to mess with the material cost of black ice stuff any further… (We already got enough complaints with T2 stuff getting screwed by the increased cost of insulated wood.)

Just adjust the time it takes to craft the materials for reinforced stone and we should be good… (As in reduce the time cost)


Is it really too much though?

I’m sure you’re thinking of the normal, everyday housebrick. 5 stone seems a bit overboard, I agree…

However, and here’s the big one…

15 bricks form a wall in Conan. roughly. Compared to the housebrick this is roughly 12-15 times less in a wall of the equivalent size. Imagine the Conan bricks as larger than bluestone blocks, not an 6x3x3 inch brick

Oh, and by comparison to the black ice… That melts, it has a decompose time. Stone, does not. It’s nowhere near as plentiful, and may need to be stored for quite some time before you can actually get it made. Give some thought to something other than “this is made earlier so it should be faster” please. The craft times and resource costs are fine.

Personally, if I was going to whine about any of the costs in game, it would be iron to steel.

Thay did by makeing t2 wood harder…funcom has no fing idea how to balance anything but a check book.
Thay added oil to the insulated wood recipe to make black ice harder to make but just completely stoped anyone being able to build t2 wood when thay unlocked it and made 100 outher recipes harder to make just to make black ice harder…the mind boggles its it’s obvious no one at funcom plays there own game.

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Ive never seen black ice melt and it dosent show a expire time

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Black ice does not melt. You have to harvest 10x the amount of stone to get the equivalent amount of black ice. You have to cook the brick twice where as black ice you don’t have to do anything. It uses twice the amount of hardened brick to make the same black ice building piece. I don’t see your logic.

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I build almost everything out of Kitan, and have no issue with the cost. As long as you stay on top of brick production, you always have hardened brick on standby. Just build more smelting stations. Smelters work when you are away.

It depends on where you set up your main base.
The trees near me don’t give resin, so I’d have to go get that. Black ice is crazy far away as well.
Also, good carpenters (especially named ones) are SUPER rare. So making insulated wood is time consuming. Plus there is no improved carpenters bench so you have to tend to your bench(es) constantly.
On the other hand, I can collect 15,000 stone without getting outside of render distance of my base.
So, I set up 8 improved furnaces all with t3+ smelters. Every time I log in I fill every single one with stone/ consolidant/ and oil. When I come back I have more than a thousand hardened brick.

Now I realize there are work-arounds like building a map room up north by the obelisk and making by more carpenter benches. But the mountain sucks. If I’m not heavily armed for my black ice run I might die, and fast.
I enjoy the building the way it is. My rule of thumb is this:
Only wish for something to be easier if you are okay with it being easier for other people.
Maybe hardened brick is more time consuming because the biome that it is the preferred building in, is an easier biome to live so they made building more time consuming.