HardenBrick vs Insulated Wood

Most of you know the great war of mats, most of you dont understand the ratios of mats. i took the time to give you a basic understanding of what cost what. ofc it isnt perfect, as i kindly rounded numbers in favor.
Everything here is if you use steel as currency. [1:1] steel ratio
Left number is standard tool, (right) number is blood tool.(meaning best you can ever farm in 1min)

Now lets talk about unbalanced mats T3 Foundations
Black Ice 15ice 4insulated wood and 3steel by the math it cost slightly more then 5teel to make one.
Hardenbrick 15brick 4shaped and 3steel by the math it cost about 9steel
(note, shape wood doesnt have a price, wood 1300 which makes 130shaped for 1steel, which means it is basically free.)

So, it cost 5steel to make BlackIce, and 9steel to make Hardbrick. meaning it is nearly double the cost to make DLC that gives you alittle exp. And im being KIND to hardenbrick im making it free without twine cost and ichor cost and shaped, if i added that it would be 10steel.

So i figured i would show funcom, the numbers, and let them know to make it equal to each other would be making brick would have to be 2stone = 1brick. not 10stone = 1brick



What are you talking about? im the Author of this post O_o

This is what the community thinks about it.


I’m not sure I quite understand the way you’re presenting the data, but I get the gist of what you’re saying and I 100% agree the cost for hardened brick is too high. Personally I think some of this could be aided by having smelter thralls actually reduce material cost like every other type of thrall. A tier 4 smelter could reduce the cost of brick by 50% and the cost of steel bars by 50%. This would definitely increase their value and though the recipe for brick may still need to be adjusted to get on par with black ice, I think this would be a step in the right direction. Thoughts?

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Steel has many uses, walls are one of them. Making steel cheaper to fix one wall that is too expensive will also affect everything else that is not.

I feel like the best suggestion would be making black ice as grindy as reinforced stone, because IMO most people skip t2 exactly because Black ice is too easy to make.

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I agree that making steel cheaper does not only affect building, however, by and large building is the primary consumer of steel. And regardless steel is disproportionately expensive to make in a smelter compared to a blacksmith bench with a purge thrall. You can make a one to one conversion of iron reinforcement into steel reinforcement using a blacksmith bench with a purge thrall (and one steelfire). So basically without a purge thrall: 5:1 iron to steel. With a purge thrall 1:1 that’s a big discrepancy and would be better balanced if smelters reduced the cost for materials in the forge.

In terms of making black ice more grindy. I completely disagree. If you want more grind you play on official or with reduced rates. Not everyone likes to play with that much grind, some of us like to spend more of our time building then farming. I’m more in favor of reducing the cost of Brick, it’s simply too high.


In official PvP server we don’t need more grind. It wouldn’t be ok to be able to craft more bombs than building material Wich is already the case. Any PvE PvE-c go for it make black ice more expensive. But not PvP hardened brick needs to be 50% cheaper to make it worth. That’s my opinion on it. I’ve been playing this game forever I own all the DLC and to be honest I’ve only ever build 3 actual main bases using dlc.

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I would think that is more of a fact on PVP servers. Most officials, the jump from level 20 to 30 is 30 minutes power leveling as a solo. So why even bother crafting T2 (maybe one for the quick upgrade journey step)?

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I think we actually need more grind, on top of some true decay of hoarded loot. The economy is why so many servers are dead, and most servers are the same few clans jumping around fighting each other.

FYI, a clan of three people can be level 60 in 6-8 hours, have 400 steel bars from mounds and New Asagarth, have 400 insulated, and get 2000 black ice for 100 foundations and have a base up an running between raid times. Ie , Start a server during raid time, just power level, then by end of raid, you will have the mats to build. So by next raid time, you are fighting already. If they made the grinding any less, might as well give starter packs on officials.

The point is something needs to be balance. It’s not ok for me by myself to be able to craft 200+ bombs in 4h. 200 bombs equals 50 t3 doors. That’s my point to give you an idea. We are a 9 man clan, on are 3 day on the server we took the alpha position get bored and leave to another server. Something need to change. We should not be able to wipe like this, don’t get me wrong it’s fun. Bombs already got nerf so what do you do? T4 buildings? Or make it cheaper so you can build more laywers?

Guys this isnt HardenBrick vs Black ice. that isnt a fair ratio. black ice is just as easy to get as it is to get Shaped Wood.
The Grind/Farm is Hardbrick vs Insulated.

As for all the talk about other stuff that doesnt have anything to do with the topic.

  • If there was a 3month wipe, bases wouldnt get out of control.
  • if there was a upkeep cost for the placements you have, there wouldnt be large bases.
  • If bombs did less damage, people wouldnt need to flood the sever large bases.
  • If bombs were more expensive, bases wouldnt be destoryed in 1hour vs 1month of building. (which was the whole reason GODs were broken as hell)

But this is for another topic.

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It is not out of topic because by increasing or decreasing the cost of building it as a direct effect on how much you can build vs how much he can bomb you… It’s not out of topic it’s one aspect to this topic

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