Make Hardened Bricks equal to Black Ice ? Write in this topic ppl!

As the title says.
Make it easier to farm/produce hardened bricks. Make it the same time consume as black ice.
I can farm around 35-40k black ice in 30 mins.
Just to farm 3500000-4000000 STONE takes me atleast 3 hours.
Why is it like this? I dont get it.
And No dont tell me that making insulated wood take longer than shape wood, its not THAT big of a difference, as it is with black ice/hardened bricks. ???
Am I the only one who want this changed?
Write in this topic if you think so too!


Those who make Black Ice big boxes in the desert probably have control of one of the obelisks.

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On some servers, black ice buildings are prohibited, if at least 5 stones were made per brick, there would be less load on the servers,

But making insulated wood is more work than just shaped wood

Maybe there should go slightly more steel and insulated wood in Black Ice builds, I too grow a little tired of the black ice builds.


it really isn’t when you pickaxe farm you get resin, wood and bark, Shaped wood is with advanced carpenters bench 7 wood to a shaped, or 5 with the precision, dry to resin for insulated is always 1:1.

I thought about this awhile and the only thing I can think with the current crafting system that would make it worth while or even equivelent given the carpentry annoyances needing the best bench to even come close to insulated and the difficulty of hardened brick (which is a 4 resource 2 furnace actions process) would be to make the DLC cost iron reinforcements instead of steel, and that would open the door to those without a t3/4 blacksmith

The quick t4 furnace made it abit better but i agree brick costs should be reduced by like 25% imo

That would be pay to win, reduce the cost of HB will be fine I think, or raising the Black Ice price

We need black ice bricks.

Black Ice + Stone Consolidant → Black Ice Brick


Ok it takes 10000 stone 200 resin 600 fiber

That’s raw resources you need make 1000 harden brick. You can see where most of time goes then cook twice

Now only thing black ice difficult part is insulated wood now if you don’t find good dry spot then you need to make it.

So you need dryer

So you need 1000 bark and 500 wood to make 1000 dry wood, now you need resin luckily. This resources that is easily given. When you grab 1000 bark you get 500 resin or more and dryer give you 500. That’s 1000 without doing extra step. So you have 1000 dry wood and 1000 resin.

So you can see making insulated wood is 10 times faster then harden brick.

Now we look at cost one black ice foundation 6 insulated wood, 3 steel reinforcement and 15 black ice.

Reinforced stone foundation 15 harden brick 4 shaped wood and 3 steel reinforcement.

So it views harden brick equal to black ice. But once I run out black ice takes quick run 4 to 5 nodes or if I want to hall extra work 20 to 30 nodes easily 5 k . That only takes me 15 minutes. 2 load times and and 5 minutes plus time to collect.

But even if you drop harden brick in half it’s still be pain. Issue is that it 10 times more work. They need to drop cost of brick in we’re 3 to make one brick so you need 3000 vs 10000.

Sure this will effect t2 but t2 is no point no one should ever use t2 I rather have complaint that stone brick is in balance to insulated wood because tier 3 what matters.

you forgot the fuel cost too, so thats a 4th farm resource.

In what to make stone I guess I did mention 1000 bark for fuel dry wood but yea cost fuel for stone

While its a bit of a chore, I’m not overly concerned by it to be honest.

It’s clearly not meant to be something you have access to immediately, it’s a final tier resource.

The only thing I’m not a huge fan of is having to use resin now to make the consolidant.

I understand why, and I suppose it makes more sense in theory, but the upshot seems to be that I now have to choose between either making insulated wood OR hardened bricks, instead of just building up stockpiles of both at the same time.

I mean I can still do it, but now I have to split the resin for one or the other, which ultimately takes longer. I’m guessing this was intentional?

I vote with u here…
This would be the correct solution as black ice is the ONLY t 3 building that is crafted with a raw resource and not refined…

Also the cost of the benches that is 3rd resource, not to mention capturing the named thralls which is horrible and rng based… Come on guys… The disadvantage of black ice when compared with stone is that stone is EVERYWHERE!!!.. we need to bring it more on par with the rest building styles, but if u have a problem about harvesting to make ur build aesthetic, maybe this game’s harvest is not for u…

I’d like it if they either removed the resin component of the hardened bricks, reduced the amount of hardened bricks necessary for construction, or gave structures made from hardened bricks slightly more HP to compensate for the slight increase in difficulty to craft.

This is probably the better approach. Don’t make it easier to make hardened brick. Make it harder to use black ice as a building material. Even after they rebalanced the black ice formula years ago it’s still not equivalent to reinforced stone and it’s not that hard to get your hands on black ice.

But then, I’m not sure if op is concerned about game balance or just wants to make the game easier.

Agree but due to the insulated wood requirement, it would need 5 BI to make BI bricks vs 10 stones to make brick.

While I can’t stand the Black Ice building now, I started with it and it’s a nice looking building set (except for the shiny ice crystals)

Gathering bark, resin and dry wood can be very easy and actually comes out faster than just wood to shaped wood. Pickaxe allows easily gathering of everything you need for insulated wood in (usually) a single chop or hit.

Yep but the dryer is another pain point bottleneck of time that has to be considered. Sure you can run them both simultaneously but still…it’s a pain point that isn’t part of the building with black ice and so you can just assume the 1:1 brick equivalnce makes everything even because the wood is unevened. The bricks or the steel enforcements would have to be adjusted.

You can harvest Dry Wood from the white trees, IIRC. But you have to use an ax specifically, IIRC. So all you need is a carpenter’s bench and just “different” gathering. Rocks to Bricks to Hardened Bricks is a total slog, especially with the improved furnace having no speed benefit by itself.