Make Hardened Bricks equal to Black Ice ? Write in this topic ppl!

I don’t like this idea.

I think modifying the other values is better because I like the idea that there is some T3 Building set that doesn’t require a furnace, which black ice does not. However, I’m totally in favor of anything that makes Stone Buildings more viable on PvP servers where most people build out of Black Ice because of ease of access…

That said, with the new server consolidation, black ice might become more of a commodity since more people will be sharing the same limited Black Ice nodes.

the best solution is use black ice for every non visible patt of base. Pillars and hidden cileings in walls. This greatly reduces the amount of HB needed for aesthetic builds.


They need treat stone as they do with wood,

T1 furnace need 10 stone t2 7 stone t3 5 stone

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