Two types of T3 balanced in mat cost

I feel either black ice should cost more in insulated wood, or reinforced stone should be cheaper in harden brick.

Yes black is more region specific but at max lvl with map room makes very easy to obtain. So location of black ice become Easy mat to obtain.

I can get 1000 black ice faster then harden brick.

I feel it should be more balanced because all I see is black ice and I don’t think people think looks better but a lot easier to get.

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Sounds like the issue is the ease of getting to Black Ice. Perhaps the obelisk should be moved down below the lake.

Reverse the demand for black ice vs reinforced stone. I think the insulated wood increase is a good idea.

Reinforced stone is 15 harden brick, 4 shaped wood, and 3 steel enforcements, black ice is 15 black ice, 6 insulated wood, and 3 steel enforcements…just make black ice 15 insulated wook and 6 black ice 3 steel ienforcements and that should even things out.

Na, even walking from the next closest obelisk is still easier than farming 1000 hardened brick. It just adds about 5 minutes. Maybe we should remove mounts from the game too?

Cue all the people who will unironically and enthusiastically agree with you…

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Believe it or not, the black ice cost used to be quite a bit cheaper.

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Yeah i remember when I started with no DLC’s…i came to the same conclusion as everyone else…black ice is king of building. I have evolved past those days because it’s rather boring.

I have the same reason. I do think that black ice is still easier even after they attempted to rebalance it.

Oh totally. Lets see mine straight the highest used mat or put it as a the highest cost crafted mat with no reduction in gathered mat cost (IE 10 stone=brick=hardened brick). If you make the insulated wood the highest mat in Black Ice, then it sort of evens although you can discount it at the carpenter’s bench.

I think the easiest and best solution would be to make black ice nodes break in as few hits as normal ice nodes.

This would mean you would get much less black ice per node (about -60%), requiring you to travel to many more nodes to get the same amount of black ice, and reduce the maximum haul you could collect before needing to wait for all of the nodes to regenerate.

In my opinion, every other possible solution is worse than this.

It’s black ice used as much on siptah? There are nodes scattered all over that island but there’s nothing like the enormous concentration you find in the frost temple. Admittedly, I’m not super familiar with the southern islands so maybe there is a location like that now.

The nodes in Siptah are sufficient enough because the are around every vault. You don’t need the concentration…just wait 10 minutes are snag it again near you.

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