Black Ice T3 upgrade

Instead of nerfing black Ice T3 buildings. How about buffing HP of T3 brick building by 25%. There a balance buff to T3 brick building.

You could also nerf T3 Ice building hp with 25%

I would rather have they just adjust the T3 Brick price!


You love your nerfing. I rather black Ice T3 still be useful. No to your nerf. Buff T3 brick.

I mean nerfing or buffing the outcome is the same you are essentially either creating a T2.75 or a T3.25.

Just adjust the hardened brick cost for each T3 Reinforced item and leave the stats the same.

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Maybe a reduction cost in T3 brick building.


yeah, that would be great.

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A good way to balance which type of building people will make as well is add temperature affects for example insulated wood would be better for cold climates while black is is better in hot ones.

So for example building with insulated wood in the desert or volcano means you would not be able to keep your temp down while building black ice in the snow field means you will freeze.

Also some adjustments to cost would be good since both are super easy to obtain materials I wouldn’t want to decrease the cost of brick would be better to increase the cost of wood

It’s more logical to nerf T3 black ice structures instead of buffing T3 brick structures.
You are able to live in a harsh environment so live with the downsides.

Or just add hardened brick to the black ice recipe like it should have had in the first place. Why it’s been left so incomprehensibly unbalanced for such a length of time is utterly baffling and even more so a actual paid games developer thought that the T3 black cost was fine in the dammed first place.

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They need to balance this, no one is building the Brick T3. I really hope that they add Harden Brick to the black Ice T3 building cost. It sounds like the best way to balance it.

I don’t like nerfs. Nerfs turns as vex mentions a T3 to T2 2.75.

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Yeah the only nerfs you like are to the enemies. LOL

Black ice is a high end material, it’s working as intended, just lower the cost of hardened bricks for the reinforced brick tier

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