Pls MAKE DLC building craft more easier

we all know DLC buiding is stylish and ppl love it to buy DLC.but for the most of players especially the big clan, they re still using black ice building, because DLC building need to farm more Hardend Brick to craft that takes alot of time comparing to the black ice building. why would we paid the money and spend more time. it is totally unfair. FC,pls change it .


They adressed it in the last Q&A. They are working on it.

Yes that was one of the reasons battle system was changed. Alex said that before, it was to easy to farm black ice. Now about the fair-unfair thing i will stay neutral. I bought savage frontier dlc because it fits excellent with black ice constractions. I have friends in my clan with other dlcs and we fix armors heavy and full strength. The vanilla armor that is full strength is light or medium, so is that fair? I always say that ballance is the key.

No i make mistake we have vanilla heavy full strength. Sry about my bad post. Still i can make flawless with any t4 armorer on dlc armors, that is the advance.

I am a strong believer that armor styles, DLC and vanilla alike, should be pure vanity. You craft an armor, with the stats and resistances you need and find the Armorer to get the style you want in flawless. It would benefit both PVE, PVP and especially RP. It would require a complete overhall of the armor crafting system though…

But just like mounts and leveling thralls, sometimes dreams become reality :wink:

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oh very nice!!!

Fish traps
cook the unappetizing fish and the shrimp this produces ichor
feed the fish to your thralls / pets (bears love this stuff)
use the ichor to make hardened brick

It’s actually easier than black ice.


Yes, but they are going to make black ice harder to craft with.
not the DLCs easier.

This is really unnecessary because black ice requires insulated wood, which requires dry wood and resin.

The real problem is people don’t know where to acquire ichor as easily as resin.

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True. Wich is alright.

Spiders, reapers and warrants… now they do.

are all poor places to get ichor.

FISH, read the above post
cook unappetizing fish, you will have more Ichor than you know what to do with.


But Ichor is way easier to get than dry wood & resin. For the latter I have to gather wood & LOTS of Bark to dry it. For the Ichor I don’t have to go far - just put some Fish Traps, wait a bit gathering Stone meanwhile and here you are.

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Add insects in your fish traps and you’ll gather more, and faster, unappetizing fishes. Works with unappetizing shrimps too. Both produce ichor on a 1-1 rate when cooked at the fire camp.
I discovered recently you can gather resin directly from tree in northern Biomes. Before that I only obtained resin by putting woods on the dryer. So i was left with too much dry woods even after putting whole stacks in the furnace, large fire camp and stove.

Correct or stop being lazy and kill spiders for ichor and chitin.

I discovered today that sickles harvest only resin from alpine trees. The hardened steel sickle gets about 9 resin per tree.

Edit/note: This is in singleplayer with x3 harvesting.

I kill spiders for silk,

You are missing the point, people think black ice is easy, and hardened brick is hard.
When the opposite is true, black ice requires Insulated wood which requires dry wood, resin, and lots of bark to dry the wood. More work than getting ichor from fish. But people don’t know about fish being a source of ichor, even @Legendaddy87 left fish off his “now they know” list.

The OP was saying DLC mats are harder to make than black ice, this is true only if you don’t know how to get Ichor the easy way.

Even people who talk about getting resin in the south do so only because they think it’s easier than T3 stone or the DLC mats.

You don’t need and should not build with Black Ice in hot areas.


Yes I was agreeing with you. You can get ichor at early levels and easier then black ice. I miss being able to press spoiled meat for ichor

Why kill spiders for silk when you can just harvest gossamer?

There are spiders in the cave when I’m getting gossamer, and no matter how I try they just won’t let me take it without killing them.

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Didn’t they make insulated wood require oil as well at one point? I thought they did that right before I quit last time but before I started playing again…

Bark is easy with a T4 carpenter, but I don’t let my clan build out of black ice because I’m allergic to it.

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