Black Ice building still too cheap and also what about Temp?

the smart one… let the devs decide it , not me how it gonna be… maybe lower time on crafting , maybe lower cost on t3 vanilla stone costs so it goes along with BI… not my job to tell u how … ask devs for that

He did. Your the one stepping in trying to answer for them.

i am stepping in to tell him NOT to ask it in nerfing a thing , but by buffing another
u may fail to get the diference , but that is not my fault m8

He asked for a nerf. Let the devs decide to either nerf, buff or do absolutely nothing instead of trying to change opinions. I won’t take issue with any of the above options. I see an obvious imbalance as obviously do others. Asking for weapon nerfs is largely unnecessary as you can always find work arounds. Imbalances in the building system have ZERO workarounds.

u call it imbalance , i call it options…

And you will still have your “options” no matter what they decide. If they nerf you can choose your easy option and have a t2 black ice building or take the harder option and go with a t3 requiring many more steps, time and effort.

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Well you could try to RNG farm hardened bricks from NPCs :joy: :joy: :joy:
(just kidding)

If you would buff normal stone T3 you need to be careful what you buff. Make hardened brick cheaper?
Think about ALL the recipes here: Hardened Brick - Official Conan Exiles Wiki

Make shaped wood cheaper? Same, go here again: Shaped Wood - Official Conan Exiles Wiki

Make it a T4 with more building HP? This would make it OP compared to black ice then. Nobody would build in BI anymore.

So what other options do you have when you want to BALANCE and keep the effort low? Nerfing.

In case of nerf by adding a new resource (black ice bricks), you can’t do much wrong, because you won’t touch any existing recipes.

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ur communitty is way too focus on nerfing…
sorry to break it to u but nerfing is not solution to all ( or lets say not all see it as solution)

And you are not part of it?

All I see from you is only “no nerf, nerf is bad, nerf is the end of the world” blabla.

There is not a single attempt from you (from what I’ve seen so far) of bringing a good suggestion on how to balance something by buffing. It was either too vague or useless.

i am tired of seeing PVP er ask nerfings all the time when this ONLY leads to next thing that “needs” nerf…

i prefer more permanent solutions… too many things have been nerfed /disabled from game in the name of balance…

maybe try a different approach after 3 years of no results

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I completly understand that. When a PvPer asks for a nerf, something is not right. “Nerf” basically means in other words: “Hey, this item/mechanic/whatever is not balanced!”

Nerf can also mean: rework. Because when you rework an item, you (hopefully) make it more balanced. So if it gets reworked because it was too strong, it was automatically nerfed.

Funcom needs to investigate these issue. Then they can gather feedback from the players. YOU are one of these. But eventually it is up to Funcom what will be done to the item/ingame mechanic/whatever. So if something got nerfed into oblivion, you should blame Funcom, not the PvP players who only state that something is/might be wrong.

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We ask for change because it matters in pvp. Your buildings hp and how quickly you can spam it doesn’t matter a bit in any other server type. I play both so can see the issue. Your tired of pvp players asking for change? I’m tired of pve players that whine about change that won’t affect them in the least. It’s a two way street.

ur mentality is wrong… i would rather see buffs in other aspects on search for balance…

and because u explained it well , do not think what needs to be nerfed …(that is the easy way of ruining …leads down) think what would balance the issue? server latency? different setting for pvp and pve? various bonuses in specific things that r obsolete in new meta (thus BUFF em)? try to think more possitive , think what would made the rest awesome , and not the so called OP mediocre…

that is the reason i dislike NERFS , i do not like the mentality that follows (and led us here after a million nerfs/disabled stuff)

then pvp er should ask for different settings , BEFORE nerfs or buffs to what suits pvp gameplay…
IF u ask to go on both lanes on a two way street , u will encounter the opposing current at some point…
for pve ers a change means nothing , they will get their trhalls/follower or the company (u know people team up in pve cause there is nothing to loose on this (even with strangers) and get the next good weapon and go on
i believe most pvp ers r also tired of nerfs as spent time to invest in something and then boom that changes… and this messes their plans (how many cried after heal revamp? to bring u a recent example) and time IS precious in PVP (and that is why u should ask for BUFFS in other things instead of nerfs to one thing .
cause it is not one thing (and that is the part most of u miss for 3 years!!!) it is ONE THING AT A TIME (caps for emphasis not shout)…

Yes, this is correct. Eventually balancing is a mix of nerf/buff/rework and ofc bug fixing.

But sometimes it’s too time consuming to do buffs/reworks or fixing specific bugs, so a nerf is a quick, but temporary solution. You need to understand, developers don’t have all the time they need. There are deadlines for other features as well.

Remember Battle Standards? They were abused in PvP to prevent bomb placement. So instead of fixing the bug, they removed them completly from PvP, because of no time.

this is what i try to convince u do… stop asking the easy way that leads to gameplay degrade slowly but steadily

Let us not nerf black ice… LETS NERF BOMBS AND RAIDING MATS we need prepared bombs man the kind where 3 or 4 could take down a black ice base… not bombs where 2 are needed for sandstone

And let’s make the other materials even compare to black ice… that is my opinion on this matter. Don’t change black ice just scale the other building mats to black ices level of accessibility… but honestly who builds in anything other than sandstone and black ice

Easier to build t3 stone when there is competition for t3 black ice. It’s about timing, right? Have more than one furnace going.

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I have no desire to see Black Ice harder to make, I would rather see the building cost of pieces using hardened brick decreased.

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