Black ice: Working as intended?

Since the major content update, the black ice recipes have been altered in the frost temple forge. The recipe cost has increased from simply black ice and shaped wood, to require a hardened steel sword ( To create black ice long/broad swords) or a hardened steel pick to create the black ice pick. The black ice weapons have increased damage from the hardened steel. However, the black ice pick does not improve gather rate. It is exactly the same as the hardened steel. I had a black ice pickaxe that was crafted from before the update, gathering 18-19 per strike with the advanced tool upgrade. Compared to now only 11 with advanced tool upgrade. The new black ice pick also has about half the durability on top of this. Black ice needed a nerf, but if this is the intentional implementation of these new changes it makes the black ice tool worthless. But I do agree with making hardened steel a requirement for creation. The way the recipes were before essentially made hardened steel worthless. What do you all think about the new changes? And does someone know if the gather rate is bugged or if this is what they were looking to achieve?

I still think the black ice pick has an edge over the hardened steel due to repair requirements. It currently takes a handful of black ice (and i think a shaped wood) to repair it as opposed to a handful of hardened steel. Even if the durability is lower (which I never really noticed), I feel like that is much, much cheaper in the long run.

The black ice picks cost hardened steel to repair.

Eh? I didnt notice that…
Does it mean starmetal/archeonian pick is now the best?
(btw… I never fully repair stuff, I keep using h. steel kits to repair stuff and can recommend that.)

The last time I repaired my pick, so lets 4-5 days ago, it no longer required the hardened steel pick to repair the black ice pick.