All kinds of Pickaxes

maybe they should have a little bit more harvesting differences. I noticed black ice pick is the same as pick axe, but hardened is better. but black ice pick requires hardened with less harvesting. what gives???

All the high level picks harvest the same amount of materials with the ‘advanced tool upgrade kit’. The black blood tools too. I use star metal tools for farming and black blood for traveling because of their durability. I agree that star metal, black ice and acheronian should be the same, but obsidian tools must had better durability.

There’s FAR FAR FAR too much variation in the durability of things… and so many have had wild nerfs added to them…

I actually have some really old acheronian picks, which had like 600 (or something there abouts) durability before the tool upgrades, but they got nerfed to 450 at some point and now the new ones kinda suck.

and then the black ice ones… i think they mighta made them as if they’re just made out of plain ice, since they melt so quickly -.-

But yeah, at some point upgraded tools all start giving the same amount, and then their worth is only determined by their durability and the cost of materials to repair. I am not inclined to use star metal or obsidian tools anymore because of the hassle of repair materials (finding star metal, the stupid ‘only in the dungeon’ crafting of obsidian composite…) and black ice? hah! barely any harvesting and they break.

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