Tool harvest rates



Naturally I always want to use the best piece of kit. However… When deciding which tools to use I’m a bit confused. Before I go and craft one of each and test them all out I thought I should ask, has somebody done this and documented the results… either that or extracted the numbers from the DevKit and summarized them?


OK I did the math…


Star Metal - 10-11
Acheronian - 11-12
Obsidian - 11-12

Hardened Steel - 9-10
Star Metal - 10-11
Obsidian - 11-12

Pick Axe
Star Metal - 11-12

Obsidian - 8-9
Hardened Steel - 9-10
Star Metal - 10-11

Hardened Steel - 9-10
Star Metal - 10-11
Obsidian - 11-12
Acheronian - 11-12

Hardened Steel 8-9
Star Metal - 10-11


Best pick and hatchet = Star Metal Pickaxe

Best skinning knife = Star Metal Skinning Knife

Best Sickle = Acheronian Sickle

Best Cleaver = Star Metal Cleaver


Acheronian pick is best. High harvest and lots of durability



Pick: Acheronian/Obisadian (Acheronian is way cheaper/easier/faster to obtain and repair)
Hatchet: Obsidian
Sickle: Aceronian
Skinning Knife: Star Metal
Cleaver: Star Metal


Eh, you are agreeing with me on all of this. The Acheronian Pick, Obsidian Pick, Obsidian Hatchett and Star Metal Pickaxe all have hte same harvest rates. I wasn’t looking at durability, only harvest rates.


no, you stated that the starmetal pickaxe would be the best hatchet/pick


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