Best Tool for harvesting shadebloom?

Which tool gets you the most? I’ve tried several but some like skinning knife don’t get any.

Honestly I tryed every tools to harvest them, I’m convinced by the results of my tests it changes nothing.

try the acheronian sickle or any other sickle you have access to.

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It’s because this way you’ll harvest only shadeblooms or because you can harvest more ?

Because for example you can use the sickle to harvest resin from trees (and only that) but you harvest the same amount that using an axe. It’s the same thing or being the shadebloom a plant it works better ?

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awesome thanks everyone! I actually tried using starmetal hatchet and it gets a solid amount (~60 per run with efficiency mod). I’ll try the sickle next.

This is correct (+ meat), and you might be well right when you say all Tools are equal in this matter, but we have to choose one, right? and in my case, me and my friend had the best result with the sickle.


There are five tiers to this item, the Steel Sickle, Hardened Steel Sickle, Star Metal Sickle, Acheronian Sickle and Obsidian Sickle.

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