Gloowing Goop and sickles

Game mode: Singleplayer
Problem: Bug

Using any sickle on a glowing goop bush will only produce fiber. I am pretty sure that is not intened. I went into admin panel and gave myself every type of sickle just to make sure it was not one or two types.


I always thought that was intentional. When harvested by hand you get the fiber and gooey goop, but when swinging a sickle the goop flies off.

Probably not intentional but a pick will generate goop. Do not know about the pickaxe but star metal pick , steel pick etc gives goop. In case you haven’t tried it.

Haven’t thought to try a pick. Since they work, that does change my opinion as to why sickles don’t.

Hatchet also works for goop

Guess I will use an axe or pick until they fix it. Thanks for letting me know.

sickle used to work for goop… i was inderstandably quite pissed when all i got with my sickle was some plantfiber… #on xbox