Acheronian Pick

Why is the acheronian pick suddenly worse than a star metal pick when it is only craftable at level 60 and star metal is at level 55. I used to get 22-24 per hit, now I only get 20-22.

I noticed only now they reduced with one of the last updates the harvesting power of Acheronian pick from 8 (like the obsidian one) to 7.

But starmetal pick has still harvesting power 7 like it had since I rember.

In any case it’s now the same as a starmetal pick, if you craft an Acheronian pick and a Starmetal pick they HAVE to harvest the same.

So the difference you noticed could be caused only by one of this reasons:

  • owners changed resource settings on your server (from x2.1 to x2.0 ?)
  • the old pick you used had an efficiency upgrade on it and the new one not or not good as the one applied on your old starmetal pick.
  • the old pick you used had the efficiency upgrade on it and it was a pick made before VERY long time ago, from a time when it had harvesting power of 8, if so it’s now a “unique” item, so enjoy it :wink:

i remenber when archeronian tools were the best !ong time ago

My last sentence is the reason I noticed, I usually have 2-4 acheronian picks on me when farming rocks. Now I get less because it was recently nerfed and I didn’t notice it in any patch notes. The nerf is really annoying that hardened steel is harder to get than obsidian composite with so many nerfs to to getting brimstone, while obsidian is so easy to obtain and it only consumes 1 steel to craft the composite. For a level 60 tool it doesn’t feel like it, because now it’s worse than star metal because its durability is low as well.

Acheronian weapons and tools where top tier end game crafts way back in 2018.
Since then Starmetal, Dragon bone, Obsidian (and Serpentman for weapons) where introduced - but noone in Funcom bothered to re-balance numbers. My guess is that then planned to increase level cap so Acheronian tier was suppose to be lvl 60, but Starmetal - level 65 or lvl 70. But at the last moment they scrapped the idea of expanding level cap - creating a mess with gear progression, which is going ever since.

I guess we have to wait until “Mysteries of Acheron” comes out - and then Acheronian tier might get some love :sunglasses:

For tools, Starmetal ones are the best : slightly less harvesting power for a better durability with less weight and it’s possible to craft a pickaxe. I didn’t see any Acheronian or Obsidian pickaxe.

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