About that obsidian stuff


Aside from the cosmetic or RP, does anyone practically use obsidian tools or weapons anymore? I cannot bring myself to go to that forge in the well and wait for enough bar to craft for it to be useful, when star metal and black blood tools are significantly easier to get for the time spent… or am I missing something?

I use obsidian tools because ive never farmed the blackblood stuff.

It’s useless. It should have been a build set but it never happened.

I would rather just get my black blood pick. I do have a few of the tools from thrall drops, and that is enough for me with legendary repair kits.

makes sense. but why obsidian over star metal? have you found some sort of benefit to it, or is it cosmetic, or?

Higher harvest rate.

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oh did they change it again?

Because they nerfed the star metal pickaxe :smiley:

Obsidian pick and hatchet always had higher harvesting power than star metal, but then they introduced the star metal pickaxe and gave it the same harvesting power as obsidian. Then they nerfed it so it yields the same as other star metal tools. And then they introduced the Black Blood tools :man_facepalming:


Yea, I apparently missed the memo on this one. So obsidian tools are arguably worth it then, until you have black blood. But if you can make obsidian tools, I’d argue you’re capable of farming the black blood tools too, for a similar if not less time cost.

And the weapons? After the latest nerf, what’s the point?

Having never bothered with blackblood, does it have all the tools? I use the pick, the skinning knife, the hatchet and the sickle all the time. I have obsidian to spare cuz as you suggest, there isnt much use in the weapons. You have to go thru the well of skelos for the story so while there, you might as well get the tools.

The only tool that is not in the set is a cleaver. But there are 2 other really good cleavers out there; Maw of the Hyena, and Chef’s Cleaver. For black blood, there is pick, hatchet, skinning knife, and sickle. You have to have legendary repair kits to repair them, but their durability starts out at 1600 (if I recall, not in game right now). They harvest the same amount as obsidian, last I checked, but their durability is incredible. So I’d rather kill that Jhil over and over, than run into the well to make the bars. But I understand that’s probably just a preference.

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Not to mention that if you put Oil of Bounty on them, it lasts a decent amount of time.

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Ah ok. I repair my obsidian tools with leg repair kits anyway since I have a purge smith. I get the idea of how you’d rather spend your time. Last time I went after the Jhil dudes I got pinned and fell to my death in a dark cave… my thrall was somewhere unhelpful…

An all too regular occurrence! Lol.

I’m glad I asked though. Knowing about the harvest rate being the same as black blood actually gives me some incentive to keep some of that lying around. I have a habit of accidentally breaking my tool before repairing it. Keeping some obsidian stuff around would help me in a pinch if I didn’t have the time to run to the cave for another. So thanks!

Obsidian is cash my dude, I don’t know why it gets such a bad rep. Take 100 steel to the furnace and make it happen, you’re set for life.

Reasons to use obsidian:

  • Highest gathering rate in the game, tied with black blood tools
  • Unlike black blood tools, CAN be repaired by normal weapon repair kits
  • Better durability than star metal

It’s basically necessary. If you’re farming without it you’re wasting your time, honestly. The only time you’d want to move to black blood tools is if you’re ready to start farming oils of bounty, but for literally all other farming beyond the oil of bounty buffed black blood tools (which will be the best in slot in all cases), obsidian is preferred.

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Makes sense. I just stopped bothering with obsidian ever since they made the bars required. And by then they were not the only game in town for harvesting. And by the time they were again, they came out with black blood tools.

But like I said, now that I know about their harvest rate, I’ll definitely keep some on hand now as backups.

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The black blood tools also give +5 survival, which definitely helps with the spec for your harvesting build. Pair them with the pearl shield and you get +10, freeing up points for other attributes.

That being said, obsidian is useful if you don’t have the mass amount of legendary repair kits to keep the black blood going. And there is a spot in the forge that you can get on the side where the NPCs can’t attack you so you can just put a few thousand in to cook and afk.

We do have a purge blacksmith tho, so we use the black blood pretty exclusively and have a box of obsidian bars that sit there untouched. Hopefully someday they will make them more useful like they did with starmetal.

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Both have the same durability.

If you have a steady supply of kits, black blood tools with advanced upgrade are an excellent investment.


I have used the obsidian tools a long time ago, but the waiting for obsidian bars to craft made me switch to starmetal tools except for cleaver(chef’s trusted) and skinning knife where I use the black blood and a few other items to reach 3rd perk when hunting animals for hide.
I use starmetal sickle and pickaxe for most harvesting and do not use oil or repair kits, instead I take 4-5 pickaxes with me and just repair them at Blacksmith when I get back to base - I know there are more efficient ways, but in my opinion it is just too much hassle and not really that important to me :slight_smile: