Material Tiers AND is obsidian any good?

So I’m rather new and I just hit Hardened Steel Tools on a PvE server. I’m assuming that materials go up in viability as they become rarer or more convoluted to craft. With that in mind it would stand to reason that Obsidian Weapons and tools are the best craft-able tools with legendaries being the best. But with what I’ve read it would seem this assumption is incorrect but most of what I read is outdated so what I now wonder is what are the best materials for each tool? And is obsidian as useless as I’ve read?

There’s no clear answer to your question. Obsidian weapons aren’t worth it in my opinion. Obsidian tools on the other hand I feel are worth it, however a lot of what you harvest depends on your level of survival more then the tool when you get to the higher tier equipment.

Between star metal and obsidian I would suggest using what you have easier access to. Or what you enjoy farming.

As far as craftable weapons with low cost and high damage my suggestion would be serpent man weapons because they are fairly high in damage and only require iron to repair.

As far as awesome looks with high damage. Star metal wins in my book.

Legendaries are worth it if you can support repairing them. Not all legendaries will fit your play style so it can be a task to get something you like from the box. But the grind is fun.

That’s just my humble opinion I’m sure others will follow and help you get a well rounded idea of what your next step will be.

Enjoy the journey.


I hate the volcano and refuse to return to learn obsidian so I usually use star metal. The new legendary tools make them all obsolete IMO unless you fail at repair kits. Durability is an issue with all of them and repair time/hassle/cost are all subjective to the person using them


Currently, the best option is probably to farm black blood tools and a nemedian helmet. When the tool finally gets close to breaking, put on the helmet while holding the weapon and being extremely hot or extremely cold. The helmet will take no durability damage, and the tool will be repaired at the cost of nothing more than your time.


why u hate volcano? really rewarding biome! easy to craft obisdian composite , and rest materials . has great thrall pool, and they drop great loot also. only downside is the lava (which is not that bad anymore ) and lags … if server lags , stay clear of there. else it is really a nice place to spend ur time.

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Lava does not one shot you anymore. The same with your thrall…
But still bring one with high HP. Sometimes they run in lava and they NPCs are hitting with high dmg.

In absolute terms, obsidian tools are the best craftable tools ? Yes.

But honestly if you are able to farm bosses you’ll repair your obsidian tools more often with legendary weapons repair kits than with composite obsidian… so, after last big update, you can think to skip using obsidian tools and farming directly the bosses to obtain new legendary ones.

Obsidian weapons ? They are not of any good.
Even between craftable weapons they are not the best you can have.

Sure, new craftable things may require some composite obsidian, but honestly all the work required to make the composite obsidian at the forge it’s not compensate by the power of what you make with it.

But in any case you can farm composite obsidian without accessing the forge: just farm votaries of skelos, they usually drops obsidian weapons, use a dismantling table and you’ll obtain the composite obisidian you need.

So… it’s your choice.


yeah im aware, just bad memories and im stubborn. I don’t need anything from there anymore.

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I lost some legendaries and other stuff last week there, because my ISP had some problems and I lagged into lava.
Until my Internet worked again and I was there, 20mins passed…
At least my thrall spawned with 300 obsidian bars in the base.

Just dont go with your best gear into volcano. Bad things happens fast there :wink:


who uses composite to repair?
a simple master repair kit will bring em at 85% of durability… at just 3 hardened steel bars, which is really cheap…

“But in any case you can farm composite obsidian without accessing the forge: just farm votaries of skelos, they usually drops obsidian weapons, use a dismantling table and you’ll obtain the composite obisidian you need.”

the forge is a really easy way and a fast one compared to farming from kills. all u have to do is know the way. i know a way that u can go, overencumbered and kill all npcs and craft all obsidian. i go there with the harvester build i use and craft no less than 1 k composite (i carry 1 k steel and 5k obsidian each time) and then god bless the web browser in steam :PPPP

It’s a viable choice, I agree, but it’s a choice: for me for example, when I reached level 60, having all the feats to craft master repair kit was a waste of feats points, because materials to repair was too cheap anyway compared to all things I wanted to be able to craft (I play PvE-Conflict so I “needed” all decoration feats :wink: )
After reaching level 60, farming Unnamed City, obviously you can have all feat points you want… but even in that case you collect so many legendary kit than I choosed to have the feats for master repair kit only when I found a purge named blacksmith to produce legendary ones :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I don’t get it honestly.

You can access well of skelos by any path you want, in any case you’ll need to build something because no path is completed.

And I never found one of them where AI is not bugged making your follower think is a good idea to swim to Death in the lava.

But the problem is the forge itself: there are 2 miniboss and no less than 6 fighters and 2 archers protecting it. Crafting 1k composite obsidian require at least 2 if not 3 spawns of them because the forge take forever to craft.
And you’re alone in there.

Sure, you can use gas/exploding arrows from an high point I suppose, last time I was there they not existed.

But it’s really annoying if you ask me, a lot of people do not go there for this reason.

Farming votaries of skelos to obtain weapons to dismantle is not faster, you’re right, but it’s really easier (thrall with you if you want and always you vs 1 enemy per time, not a dozen) to do, and you do it anyway as part of your hunting thralls in the volcano, so it’s not something you do only for that purpose.

But it’s a personal choice, like I said. :slight_smile:

Anyway I think obsidian weapons should be better than they are thnking to all the work needed to obtain them compared to other weapons :wink:

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I use a star metal pickaxe because it has the pick and the axe in the same tool. Less stuff eating up valuable quick slot space.

Also I’ve never made it very far into the volcano so I haven’t felt the need for obsidian tools.

6 steel bars = 1 master rep kit
6 steel bars = 6 composit obsidian bars
How much % can you repair with 6 obsidian bars?

Master rep kit is easier to make.

For efficency: Star metal pickaxe is best. (if you are lucky do get star metal)

(ignoring the new legendary tools)

no thrall in the forge m8.
i do not rely on thralls
and i usually have a harvester build (which i am usually bored to change for just a craft).
so u may find it really strange but because i am used to have VERY low str (i use only 10 just to ko thralls easier when needed) i mostly outsmart the game mechanics. I play on 1005 , so if u want hop in and i will demo freely the way i do it.
as i said i go there overencumbered and caryying among other stuff , 1 k steel and 5k obsidian. i wear a normal epic version of the light armour and the hardest part (due to my slow loading pc since the last patch is going through the portal that leads from dungeon back to normal area of the well of skelos, due to the 2 fighters that aggro there -they ussually kill me before i load , but it is easy to go there and kill em and gather my body-as i learned after 1st time and lay a bedroll around) . i have my own way to volcano build up to well of skelos that can have a thrall with u with relatively safe route (noone ever died that i am aware of at my build but i sustain this “bridge” for the rest of the community there, and as i said , i use no thralls).
Even though i hesitate to openly tell how, i can show u and even help u lvl to 60 in a couple of hours if u hop in

Edit : ofc i play and speak out of pve point of view
i play on 1005 official pve server.

Lava does not one shot you anymore. Also not your thrall.
So its kinda safe to bring one with you.

I always use the passage from Dragonmouth. Have made a maproom there and a chest where I have a heat protection armor. I just swap my cold armor there and run into the dungeon.

And with a thrall you dont have to worry about getting killed in the loading screen.

I dont want to use other ways, because you need bridges… sometimes they are kinda blocked or decayed.
And the way to Dragonmouth isnt that long. Just use the obelisk near Frost temple, go up the hills and fall/grab down the canyon infront of Dragonmouth.

And with a thrall you dont have to worry about getting killed in the loading screen.

wel i have the bridge built and i find it great addition to skelos way, but i do not use thralls
so i honestly just know that i may die each time i get out. i have a sl armour and some emergency chests outside the well so, it is ok. :slight_smile:

btw i am not sure long it is but obsidian composite now crafts with 1 steel and 10 obsidian? is that new or i have such a long time to go there?

Was like that for me all the time. Play since 3-4 months.

thanks for reply … i play before release, and for some reason i remember composite to need 1 steel bar and 5 obsidian nodes…