Star metal tools should be the best tools

It makes no sense for obsidian better than starmetal…obsidian is easy to craft and repair af while starmetal is way harder and rarer to get


indeed… Obsidian is very dangerous material vs unarmored targets. good for cutting, shreds, and poking… but I dont really think it could be used for mining or tree cutting or vs well armored targets. Anyway… “Starmetal” should be stronger, durable = better material. Starmetal weapons and tools should be learned from stones or books or scrolls…

HELL… everything above T2 should be learned from some external source and not by unlocking it in your Feats…


I get the feeling starmetal was meant to be end-game at a point before they decided to add the new biomes. Once they decided to add the new biomes they likely decided to make them more endgame-oriented and would need materials to reflect that status.

I know how to fix that, and may actually work on it, but it may take a while. Then again if someone else wants to handle the Devkit they can do it for me :smiley:

Still. Obsidian should not be the best - while starmetal should. I can totally agree on that point.
But not only that. Remember black keep, frost temple and barrow king? Those recipes should be bound to appropiate feats as well. Currently, all of them are bound to hardened steel, so people can run around with legendary weapons from 50 onwards.

Maybe opposed to the current way this works, all fighting related feats should be dependend on some basic armor/fighting feats? Like being exiled with tier 0 fighting/armor, then going up to tier 4 fighting/tier 3 armor (similar to tools below). (tier 4=starmetal/acheonian/legendary)
Then those special recipes would require said basic feats; learning barrow king/black ice or black keep recipes would require said armor/fighting feats.

I dont think there is any need for new biomes to automatically add new tiers.
People have been calling out for recipes to faster catch up again. That obsidian could have been one of those.

So here is my thought:
stone tools stay as tier 0
iron tools are tier 1
steel -> tier 2
h. steel, obsidian, black ice -> tier 3
starmetal, maybe achonian -> tier 4

So instead of adding new, better, higher tiers, I would create more options for low level tools. All to be learned from tables, books and similar. And just like with black ice recipes, those should require the knowledge of the assigned tier. Those alternatives may trade half of their durability for +1 harvest (compared to the basic one).

If obsidian stuff was made cheaper, they could be lowered to be an alternative to tier 2 tools/weapons.

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hi nuria,

What do you mean by " h. steel, obsidian, black ice -> tier 3" ?
Do you mean all of them should yield the same amount of materials?

  • 1 ressource harvested with an obsidian pick and 50% lower durability compared to hardened steel?

And yes, as Lyserus and all of you, i agree starmetal “weaponry” (tools included) should be the top tier one, simply for the fact that this material comes from unknown territories/planets/space or whatever it actually is.

Don’t forget that Obsidian requires you to find the Obsidian Forge which is no walk in the park. It’s not as if you can just mine it and craft it at your nearest blacksmith bench.

That said I’ll work on a starmetal mod this week for the weapons and armor. I may touch on the tools but if I do it will be durability only, not gonna mess with harvesting tables. I have specific plans for the armor already.

Obsidian is not the best in every category. Star Metal skinning knives and cleavers yield more.

Star metal may yield more but the durability is less. Specifically in relation to a pick here. The Hardened Steel Pick has 750 durability with the Advanced durability mod. It yields 5-6 stone/iron ore per hit per node (Private server with Harvesting set to default level of 1). Each successful hit reduces the durability by 1. if you are hitting multiple nodes at same time the durability reduces one for each node being hit. With 750 durability and using the lowest yield of 5 per hit you can collect about 3,750min stone/iron before having to repair the Hardened Steel Pick. The Obsidian Pick and the Black Ice Pick have far less durability. I do not have my notes in front of me but I think the Black Ice pick with the Advanced durability mod is around 500 durability and yields 6-7 per hit. About 3,000min stone/iron before repair. The Obsidian Pick is even less durability. I want to say 400 with advanced but I cant remember for sure right now. Yields 7-8 per hit for 2,800 min before you have to repair. I have yet to make and test a start metal pick, does anyone know the durability and yield per hit of that pick?

I would think the durability would increase with each higher level pick but it decreases. Actually resulting in less gathered material before needed repair.

I agree that star metal should be the best.

Obsidian is a relatively weak and soft material. It’s at a 5 - 5.5 on the Mohs scale, which is the same as typical window glass. (Obsidian is glass after all)

This is a fantasy game so they can make obsidian some epic material if they want, but it just doesn’t seem right. Not to mention you can easily obtain thousands of obsidian within a matter of minutes.

You can craft obsidian tools on your blacksmith bench, just not the weapons or shield. Hurray for more inconsistencies.

i have noticed that it’s way more durable than anything, could be that because of how hard the shell is on the star metal node that it reflects that onto the tools themselves.
Personally, i agree it should harvest more, however I see it from both sides.

Actually hardened steel and star metal have the same durability when it comes to tools, coming in at 600.
Obsidian tools have 300 but have better yield than star metal.

I go with star metal anyway. Lighter and has twice the durability of obsidian. Repairs are cheap enough but I prefer to repair much less frequently.

Would you like a bigger inconsistency?? Look at the obsidian skinning knife. It can’t be crafted on your nearest blacksmith bench, you need to craft it in the volcano AND have a dagger hilt ready for it. I don’t know of any other skinning knife that requires that.


Haha. I’d be surprised if this were any other game…
I never bothered making any obsidian stuff, I just noticed some of the tools were craftable in my base. I never even looked at the material requirements either.

All of the tools are just your basic requirement of mats except the skinning knife. That one for some reason requires a dagger hilt, which is strange, because the star metal skinning knife requires no top level item like that. It was frustrating when I first got obsidian tools, because my character focused on 1h + shields, I didn’t invest any points in daggers, so I wasn’t able to actually craft said hilt. Sure, I was able to get one from someone on my server, but that’s an unnecessary inconvenience.

There’s also no obsidian butchers knife.

If I remember correctly from my testing, the order is something like:
Black Ice
Star Metal
Hardened Steel

So that would put the epic tools first, then the tools you have to go to a special forge to create, and then the stuff you can make at your own crafting stations.

I dont see a problem with this.

I know it’s not fully about the thread, but obsidian weapons have a pretty high damage value BTW even higher than flawless star metal weapons (except for he dagger strangely), durability and weight are not so great though if i remember correctly.
Anyway i give them to some of my thralls so durability and weight are no big deal in that case, but i still prefer the glowing effect of starmetal weapons.
So it’s currently not only the pick but also many obsidian weapons that are stronger than starmetal…

in my game the black ice pick harvests the same amount of metal as the star metal pick, and has less durability+more weight.

But legendary weapons are stronger then both and hard to find recipes for legendary repair kits

Black Ice and Star Metal both gather the same, (7-8 stone per hit, for example). Star Metal is better because it’s lighter and more durable.

Acheronian and Obsidian gather the same, (8-9 stone per hit, for example). Acheronian is better because it’s lighter and more durable.

Tested on a x1 server.

I’d order it like this:

Star Metal
Black Ice
Hardened Steel

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I’d agree with that. Again, I was pulling from memory. My point still stands tho, the harder to forge material should be just as good or better than what you can make in your own forges.