Obsidian, the starmetal alternative?

Hello Everyone,

I have some fine suggestions to star metal and Obsidian. With a big focus on usefulness and cool factor. I am a older gamer so, maybe what is cool to me is not cool to you. Just know that that is okay and this is why that this is a suggestion :wink:

I think that it’s okay that Obsidian is a good alternative to star metal, it can be rough to get star metal when many people are hunting for it. Star metal should be hard to get, so that is a good thing :slight_smile:

[The problem right now]
Right now the issue is that we do not really use Obsidian stuff. Like tools and weapons. I feel this is mostly because you have to go to the forge in the volcano and make bars but also because Obsidian tools and weapons are not as good as star metal.

The problem is that melting Obsidian in to bars in the volcano is just not worth it and i don’t want Obsidian to be better and ruin the balance of the game. Like damage or farm speed.

[My idea - Basic idea]
What i am suggesting is to make a special forge you can get form boss drop or stone tablet that you can then use to melt obsidian home in your base. It should of curse be really hot when melting and expensive to build.

It would also be awesome if both star metal and Obsidian equipment had a special effect that dose not ruin the game damage balance :thinking: I suggest giving star metal a glow in the dark effect, like a white touch and give Obsidian a slight protection against heat buff :smiley:

This would give it a literal cool effect and be really awesome :rofl: The awesome thing about Obsidian and star metal is that one does not have to be stronger then the other. It its just an alternative way to get good items.

[My idea - advanced edition]

This is the second part of my idea it includes what i mentioned before and is a wild addition to the privies idea. This might go off to dream land a little but stay with me :stuck_out_tongue:

I would like the devs to finish the part of the map that is above the north jungle on the east side of the volcano and make this a place where you get the recourse for obsidian equipment.

Maybe keep obsidian in the volcano, but in less amounts and make real gold veins for gold and ash harvest in the volcano. Then make obsidian in the new area above the north jungle.

If Obsidian now gives a slight heat protection then maybe this could be an epic warm area with lush woods that has been fired up by the volcano or make it a badlands area that has had some rough days next to the volcano :slightly_smiling_face:

I would love this and i think people would also like this idea a lot! I know this is hard to do but would be cool :smiley: Please remember, i write this because i love playing your game and i want to give good ideas that help the game stay interesting.

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Obsidian tools are BETTER than star metal… Currently!!
Weapons are crap, compared to star metal (same with arrows).

And (according to the wiki) Star metal und Obsidian are both lighter than any other tool (pick has 2.8kg).
Was pretty sure, that star metal was even lighter than Obsidian.

And star metal emits some light… At least they look cool in the night.

Make some obsidian weapons stronger and reduce the crafting time for obsidian bars, then people will use it.

But the volcanic forge has 2 slots… split quantity and u get em in half the time…

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Thats a thing I never thought about :smiley: And that is even a rather confusing mechansim, because many (like myself) thought everything is gone :smiley:

No. Its just in the other “slot”…

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Yup!!! It is a neat way to half crafting times;)

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